CNBLUE HK news – concert

The CNBLUE concert is reported in 4 or 5 newspapers here. But most just use photos provided by TRiKs. I think Apple Daily’s article is biggest in terms of size (23cm x 33cm) and two of the pics aren’t seen elsewhere. I didn’t buy all the papers, just my guess from the online articles. Scanned the Apple Daily one. (2000×2970 px, 1.23M)

In case you like digital versions of the pics too.

This pic from Singtao Daily is similar to the Apple Daily one but there aren’t the names.

And there’s another Yonghwa biting his sweaty towel pic. 😉

Edit: found some HQ ones from sina entertainment. 🙂

3 thoughts on “CNBLUE HK news – concert

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! been looking for these! I scanned news stands yesterday coz i know they will be on the news.. but was not lucky.. now i’m back to manila 😦
    is it today’s news paper?

  2. huhuhuhu! not so lucky cn blue fan! my camera was confiscated, tall guys were in front of us. my camera phone didn’t record decent audio clip..and didn’t even get that paper last Jan 9.
    do u like yonghwa’s physique now? he looks better..hotter! 🙂
    we landed safe!
    thanks girl!

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