Just another random post … about “Where you are”

The “Where you are” full MV was out on the 9th but I wait until today to write a post. Actually I don’t have intelligent things to say usually but you know I love making gifs and saying random things. Believe it or not, gif making needs inspiration too. There aren’t particular frames of the video that I like most. I mean I like the whole thing and can’t make up my mind! And what do I think about the music and lyrics? Too many things pop up in my mind and I don’t know where to start … I finally start because I read comments on it that I can’t agree with!

The English lyrics are weird? NO! I must say I don’t have much problem figuring out the English words listening this time, compared to the previous English songs from them. Just because the words make more sense. Check out the post by heich for the transcribed lyrics with Japanese translation and romanisation. Don’t you think the English lyrics are kind of poetic? Am pretty sure that the English lyrics are written by Yonghwa. I always admire his courage writing in English, considering how often people bash him about his words being grammatically wrong and all. Maybe he’s too busy to know. Thank God for that. I hope “Where you are” being an English song with a little Japanese rather than a Japanese song with a little English still has a good chance to top the Oricon chart.

Can’t understand the lyrics? They think the meaning isn’t explicit enough. I’ve heard famous authors replying to queries if certain parts of their writings are symbolic for anything. The usual answer is that readers are free to have their own interpretation. I don’t know if Yonghwa wants us to have our own interpretation or he’ll explain the deeper meaning of the song in future interviews. But the directors of the MV had to interpret it to make the video. Maybe the directors communicated with Yonghwa? The use of mirrors and the multiple images of the boys mean something to you? Whom are they searching for? It doesn’t look like a love song anyway. It’s more like about the yearning to find one’s true self or something along that line.

Kind of relieved that I don’t see other criticisms (yet) except the above.

On first listening, I wasn’t so excited about the music as when I heard “In My Head” the first time. But on repeated listening, I begin to look forward to their performing it live. It can be even more awesome compared to live version of “In My Head”. Yonghwa revealed in a Japanese magazine (Arena 37 deg) interview that he was internet-shopping in the middle of the night. It’s 2 am and he had this inspiration. Then he had the most part of the song done at 4 am. Impressed? Yes, but am not surprised. That’s what music geniuses do all the time. (A side note: I had a good laugh reading fans joking about his searching for blingbling accessories.) That’s why I can’t agree with people who say “Man in front of the Mirror” isn’t “good” because he’s too busy filming the drama and so he hadn’t time for a “better” work. I’d rather think he’s inspired while filming and wrote that song to tell his life at that time. Both the music and words are trying to say things. Maybe I don’t know enough about music to judge. Never mind. But I’ve also read that creativity isn’t exactly instant. A musician or poet comes up with a haunting melody or killer line because they’re practicing, thinking and crafting the art all the time. Yonghwa has talked about what music he listens to or likes in interviews. I’m amazed at his wide taste. He actually says he listens to “all” kinds of music. I believe him. That’s totally reflected in the varying styles of music he’s composed so far.

I have this impression that music geniuses are depressed, classical composers and rock stars alike. But the Yonghwa I know all this time is so positive about anything. A music genius can be a happy person! I am a happy fan watching this fancam (many thanks to wjddydghkvos @ youtube).

13 thoughts on “Just another random post … about “Where you are”

  1. i think this is my first comment on your blog, klari.. XD

    it’s right to a certain extent that music geniuses, or any awesome content creator for that matter, are a little depressed, or come up with some, if not all, negative works. personally i feel that this is because negative stuff tends to ring some resonance better than positive stuff. just like how almost anyone can relate to a love song (that’s one reason why love songs are so popular). of course, songs on other topics like life and friends are some next in line.

    just a random thought to share, gotta get back to work :p


  2. Such a good post! You’ve brought in so many new perspectives, like the symbolism of the mirrored room, sources of inspiration for the creative mind… I feel that I’ve learnt something new reading this.

    I love this song and am loving more with each listen. There are lots of nuances musically (not like I’m an expert or anything) but I’m enjoying ‘discovering’ an interesting beat here, a variance in chord progression there… It’s like admiring a painting that looks great overall, and then enjoying discovering the little details the artist has added all over. I am so excited about the direction his music is going – our boy really loves experimenting and I love watching him grow. And I have absolutely no issues with his lyrics this time.. To the point that I’m wondering of those complaining are doing it out of pure habit because those lyrics make complete sense to me. I’ve seen way worse in English songs written by native speakers.

    Anyway, thanks for your thought provoking post!

  3. I actually waiting for your post about “Where You Are”.. ^ ^
    and..as always i agree with almost everything u said. I actually able to understand the lyrics for the first part of chorus when i first heard it from Yoyogi concert’s audio file and this song made me speechless, definitely gave more impression compare to In my Head, and i really love IMH.. So most probably i will love WYA more..kkkk 🙂
    From all english songs that YH composed and written, my fave is Man in front of the Mirror..love the message in the lyrics and the easy listening feeling for the music. There is a person who said it’s not a ‘good’ song? Hmm..
    Back to WYA, i agree with you klaritia, the lyrics is kinda ‘poetic’, and its good!! The music is so powerfull, i like like like the guitar sounds in the beginning of the song and JH guitar solo is without a doubt really amazing! I can’t wait to have this cd in my hand…
    Thanks for the post and sorry for any typo or grammar error 🙂

  4. hi..
    love your comment about “Where u r”. it is really a good song..
    about the lyrics, i think its depend on the person how to judge it.
    personally i love the music, the lyrics i can feel and accept it but at the part “please touch my body and my face” it is bit awkward..hehe.i think Yonghwa needs better words at that part.
    sorry it is just my opinion..
    however, overall it is really a genius work for a 23 years old man.
    his pronunciation is getting better.i can understand the english lyrics even without the lyrics.
    but it sad that some stupid boice fans that always comparing between yonghwa`s song and Jonghyun`s. There is one time when i read someone post at youtube`s comments. i feel i want to smack them at their face. i admit that i am more bias to yonghwa than jonghyun but admire both works. People debating especially when yonghwa composed man in front of the mirror, and Jonghyun for illusion and coward. they said jonghyun has to give chance to write more since jonghyun is better composer than yonghwa. how could they say like that but at same time they r claiming that they are Boice.
    Personally, every single of them is important to the band. Missing one person, there is no CNBLUE. Sorry 4 too emotional…hehehe
    Despite of that, hope Yonghwa can compose more great songs in the future. i would love if Yonghwa`s composition can become single in Korea.
    Thanks Klaritia for creating this blog. A place for people to get to know who is Yonghwa really are.

  5. The music and the lyric of WYA are modern and experimental. I really like WYA a lot compare to IMH. I no doubt YH is really smart and I admire his talent.

    I don’t want to start fighting, as JH bias, I no doubt YH is really talented. I just wanna said that please being honest that in case of 392 album, illusion and coward are much better than man in front of the mirror. As JH bias, I think FnC is not fair enough. FnC chosing the tittle of 392 rather than one of the JH song. (Maybe FnC realize that man in front of the mirror is not good enough as the album tittle. Hope I just wrong and irrelevant).

    Anyway Happy New Year. : )

  6. were there lot of discussion about the lyrics and the meaning? wasn’t aware…
    I really enjoyed new ‘Where You Are” I love the music… love the lyric ~ I understood the song just fine. (I think ^^)
    Yong Hwa had something to say and he has expressed it way he wanted and I think he did well must admit his earlier songs were bit confusing but hey, no worse off then majority of songs out there (>.<). I have seen definite progress… improvement… and I am sure they will get much better as time goes by. But, I really want to say this. I think, even at this stage of 'where they are' they are quite impressive and excellent.
    As for the interpretation? "ditto" to you Klaritia. it might sync with what he wanted to convey or it might carry different meaning for someone else who is listening. However, as long as it has impact and carry meaning for those who listens, I am sure he has got his message across.

    Read this comment by Yong Hwa on recent Arena37 which I found quite interesting.
    He commented: "Theme for this single is still "dream and hope" however, all the songs have been 'powered up' to convey the message that no matter how desperate your situation might be, don't ever give up. If you change your perspective, things will turn and headed in right direction. Therefore, 'you' in 「Where you are」is not about anyone in particular, but it changes, depending on who is listening to the music, and what is the purpose of the listener."

    Just my opinion but I think when YH writes, it's not to spoon feed the meaning to his audience. For him, I might be more about the feelings that the music convey,and to creates one's own positive message and meaning that are brought out by his song. (humm… I guess you can say his music is like modern art? ^^)

    Thanks once again for all the wonderful articles and postings in your blog!

  7. I wrote a rather long reply when you first blogged this, but it didn’t get posted. That’s what I get for trying to leave a reply by using my phone. Was too lazy to re-type it, so here’s a short version. Just wanted to say, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! In Yonghwa’s previous songs, it’s not too hard trying to figure out what he wants to say in his songs. Yes, sometimes the wording is wrong here and there, but you can still understand it. But, with “Where You Are,” I’d say he’s improved! All of it makes sense! To me, the simplicity of the lyrics gives it a deeper meaning. It’s not forcing you to think, there is only ONE meaning in this song. Even though, I didn’t purposely try to figure out what this song was trying to convey; three different ideas came to me at different times while watching the video on repeat. My first thought, upon seeing the video for the very first time, that it’s a love song. One being heartbroken over their separation. Second, like Klaritia mentioned, it could be about finding oneself. Third, it’s a deeper, hopefully I don’t scare anyone. It could also be about losing a loved one, and not being able to move on. I mean, some fans take the lyrics, “always touch my body and my face” literally. In this case, I was thinking it’s as if that person’s presence is still there. “Shining down on me from where you are” is also another line where I take it as, being watched over. I dunno… there could be many interpretations and it’s up to the listener how they perceive it. With all of that said, the music itself, I absolutely love. You can clearly see (or hear) they’re musically improving and maturing with each release. Cannot wait to see this performed live.

  8. brightbb & M, and everybody, thank you so much! Glad that my random words have fished eloquent words from you. Thought provoking! Inspiring! Reading sane minds talk about Yonghwa/CNBLUE spares me from thinking I’m too crazy.

  9. Hi there,
    This is my firs time post here…I do browse, read and enjoy your musings. I will try to make this short for WYA Music = Love it. Because you can easily see a few rock genres here, the start of this song (WYA) a bit a punk, took me back to Sex Pistol – Anarchy. The chorus has the alternative rock with sub-gen, I would say garage since it gave me the The White Stripe – Seven Nation Army. The overall WYA song vibe is of course emo rock.

    The WYA lyric (based on my POV), in general the lines and stanzas don’t jive or clash against each others. Initially, when I heard it, I was hoping the overall lyric would have a “darker feel” since the lines in the first and second stanzas really brought forth the “emotive and expressive feelings” while the chorus rang of hopes and optimism. Moreover, a darker lyric would especially suit the music to a T. However, the chorus and with its repeat, the lines/stanza in there caused the confusion towards the whole song’s lyric and vibe.

    My personal interpretation of WYA, this is another form of YH internal struggle, searching in terms of asking himself but at the same time he is grounded, in the sense of holding “true” to his beliefs and principles. So, the few lines e.g., “Breaking down” I would think it would be more expressive to say “breaking free”, “my time time is running out, what do I do now” to “now is my turn, now is my time,” or “now is my time, to speak out and be heard,” etc etc etc of course since subconsciously I did sort of rewrite some lines/stanzas to the WYA song lyric (lol sorry yeah nutty, I know). Overall, his song writing skills is getting better since he is wonderful at internalizing but at the same time, I would also say, aside from being emotive, he needs to be expressive and more descriptive to eloquently channel those feelings in his writing.

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