[Trans] YES! No.1087 CNBLUE interview

Bluestorm sweeping through Hong Kong ~ CNBLUE, members have their different ways

Popular Korean band CNBLUE, comprised of leader Jung Yonghwa, guitarist Lee Jonghyun, drummer Kang Minhyuk and bassist Lee Jungshin, came to Hong Kong last week. It’s their third time visiting. The much anticipated “CNBLUE 2012 Asia Tour Bluestorm in Hong Kong” concerts were held from Jan 7 for two consecutive nights, rocking the venue of Asia-World Expo! Boice who’ve seen their idols so close after this must have discovered that though they’re a band, each member is doing things his own way! Don’t misunderstand, I mean they have different roles on stage and are responsible for different things. It’s like they are so different from each other. But after this interview, I realize they talk the same, have the same thoughts about music, and even their personalities are made for each other!

Non-stop inspiration, new single next month
Not counting their indie days, CNBLUE have a short history of just two years. But they’ve charmed music fans from all over the world with their music. With the release of the first major Japanese single In My Head, their popularity rises even more in Asia. “CNBLUE Bluestorm Asia Tour 2012” has just begun. Though they’ve been busy with concerts, they’ve never stopped making their own music. They’ll release the 2nd Japanese single Where You Are on the first of next month. The single contains three brand new songs, the title “Where you are”, “Get Away” and “Feeling”. It just shows CNBLUE won’t forget the Japanese fans even when they’re busy with overseas concerts. They can come up with new songs so soon. How do they get all these inspirations? Yonghwa: “Actually we won’t look for inspirations. Whenever we think of some melodies, we write them down. With time, they’ll become a song.” Jungshin: “Yes. One totally needs to catch the feelings right away and ‘record’ the exact emotions felt.”

Fallen for Hong Kong because of the enthusiastic fans
Though it’s the first time CNBLUE holding a full concert in Hong Kong, they have had this good impression on Hong Kong since long ago. Jonghyun. “Whether it’s when we first came for the fans meeting, or the second time for the K-Pop concert, we saw a lot of Hong Kong fans supporting us. When we were preparing for this concert, we were so happy to hear that the tickets were sold out very fast. We’re so grateful to the Hong Kong fans. We’ll return your goodwill with our best music in the future.” Hong Kong fans are lovely, that’s what the leader agrees with too. He came alone earlier to film the variety show “Running Man”. Yonghwa: “Last time when I came for ‘Running Man’ filming, I was so surprised to see so many fans cheering for me. They showed so much support for the show. When I was playing games in the streets, they helped me a lot to complete the missions. It’s like I was playing with them too. I was so happy.” Wow, Hong Kong boice must be happy hearing their idol praising them.

Work is hard, fighting for rests
CNBLUE are so busy with concerts and album releases, and individual members have other different works too. Do they feel tired? Jonghyun: “We aren’t afraid of hard work. We actually think we should work even harder, so that we can have the best results for everything.” Yonghwa: “I don’t remember when I have felt tired.” Though they claim they aren’t afraid of the busy work schedules, as they become more popular, they have actually felt some pressure. That’s why all of them treasure the rare times when they can rest, so as to release the stress. CNBLUE: “When we feel stressed, we may go to sleep, eat something, or exercise listening to music.” The right amount of stress can be the force pushing the band to move forward. As their ways of stress release are so healthy, Boice can feel relieved!

When it isn’t about music, each has his own way
The four boys have such tight bond collaborating on stage and their goals on music creation are the same, but they have different thoughts on things too. Like when asked what they’d like to do if they don’t have to work, they have completely different answers. Jungshin: “I want to try out different things about music composition, so I’ll spend more time learning all things about music.” Jonghyun: “I want to learn different languages. We’re not bad in Japanese, so I’d like to improve on English.” Hearing his two bandmates talking about learning things, drummer Minhyuk tells his eagerness to learn too. Minhyuk: “I’d learn how to improve my drum skills.” Yonghwa seems so quiet when they are talking. It happens he has totally different thoughts. Yonghwa: “I don’t have plans for learning anything. I actually want to have time for overseas vacations. I particularly want to go to Europe.” Fans should know Yonghwa is the busiest among the members. He was busy filming a drama earlier and he took part in “Running Man” too not long after that. It seems natural that he wants a vacation to relax himself.

Chinese into Englsih translation by klaritia :)

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