Happy second anniversary, CNBLUE!

Jan 14, 2010, the day CNBLUE held their Korean debut showcase. To me, it’s one of the most unforgettable days as a CNBLUE fan. Don’t want to talk about history too often like a long-winded grandma, but you may want to read my post last year if you haven’t. For good memories, watch a news video of their “I’m a loner” performance.

And look at some news pics of the boys. Fresh faces. Happy faces. I didn’t imagine they will grow into such great rockers in just two years.

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(source: sina entertainment)  Zipped for photo collectors 🙂

Don’t think I need to say how awesome CNBLUE are. Their winning four Golden Disk Awards say something I guess, though awards don’t mean everything. I feel so lucky that I’ve followed them since their debut. It’s just damn luck that I did, not that I have the eyes or the ears. I don’t live in Korea nor Japan and I don’t know Korean nor Japanese. My heartfelt gratitude to generous fans who share TV recordings/audios/fancams/fanpics, fans who spend time translating long interview articles or just tidbits, fans who can’t stop talking about them … Somehow I feel happier in the second year of this fandom. I think it has lots to do with the new online friends that I’ve gained. You know I’m talking about you, you, you, you, you … ! But I totally treasure the couple of more-than-two-year fan friends. (Edit. I treasure all my fan friends, 1.5 yr ones and each and everyone in between. XD) “That’s what it means to a fan; you don’t walk alone.”

Thank you CNBLUE for your music.

Thank you CNBLUE for living your dreams.

Thank you CNBLUE fans all over the world, for loving CNBLUE as who they are.

10 thoughts on “Happy second anniversary, CNBLUE!

  1. T-T .. i m so touched (though i dont know your “you, you and you” are who)… i only know u for 1.5 years …kkkk … you are always there to collect their everything and share out … thank you.<3 …

  2. I am happy to be a Boice like you even I don’t know who are, to me it doesn’t seem important because we love CNBLUE. we love their music from the beginning until we have to say goodbye to this world. Your words make me touched so muc. I just want to say Thank you to you and to CNBLUE.

  3. And thank you, klaritia for starting your blog and for all that you’ve contributed to the fandom. It is because of people like you who take the time to maintain a blog, search out pictures, translate articles and pen your thoughts on Yong Hwa/CNBLUE who enable passers-by to learn more about this band… and when they do, they’ll surely fall in love. I’ve told you this before previously, but always good to remind you again – it was that article you translated where Yong Hwa talked about the music he likes/inspired him that bumped up my interest in him a notch as I could immediately sense that this boy was serious about his music. You have been instrumental in spreading love for Yong Hwa/CNBLUE in the English speaking world. Thank you!

  4. Honestly, I’m a “passive fan”. Not promote them but I bought their album and frequently listening their music. Congratulation to CNBLUE for the amazing 2 years. I totally agree with YH that ” it still long way to go” and still a lot of things to do. Thanks you for your blog Klaritia, really like it. Hope I can be your “passive friend” who frequently visiting you blog :). Nice to know u.

  5. Sorry I was not there from the beginning.. That’s the one thing I want to say to CN Blue. Hope for more daebak years for them! Thanks klaritia for sharing everything about CN Blue.

  6. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since their debut!! Want to thank YOU, klaritia, for being such a dedicated fan and for always feeding us goodies (info/videos/pics/translations) whenever we need our dosage of CNBLUE. Your blogging has kept me sane in this fandom, since discovering your blog one year ago. You’re not “just a fan.” You’re a “great” fan. ^^

  7. im so touched. i really love your blog and just like you i really love how i watched them grow. keep on growing cnblue. please please come to philippines!! even it worth thousand of money i will still go to your concert!!!

  8. in addition, i also would like to say that in japan my all time favorite band is larcenciel. i am so so so crazy about them. reading everyday any news about them. it started when i was still in highschool up until now that i am already working. they’re music is like a medicine to me. and now a new one is cnblue. larc is still my number 1 and i can say in korea, my number 1 is cnblue. they already carved deep in my emotions. i love love so love how i watched the grow. i remember how in their first concert jungshin and minhyuk is awkward talking to the fans and yonghwa is instructing them to talk. how yong grow more emotional and wild in singing, (i watched those fancam they are great) thats why i would also like to thank you klaritia and other fans that share their translations, vids, and pics. it helps us fans not living in japan and korea to love and know about them. thank you from the bottom of my heart

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