2012.01.11 & 12 GDA CNBLUE msn vids

I heard the shows will be on TV on the 18th and 19th. I had a blast watching the msn vids. Just in case you have a hard time streaming or wanna watch a few (or many!) times before some kind souls share the TV recordings later, download the vids I recorded.

MF folder. Sorry that the file names aren’t that informational and may be confusing. Speed is more important here? And can’t spend too much time on CNBLUE today. I do hope these will become useless soon when full HD vids are everywhere.

Isn’t the second day’s performance awesomely awesome? It’s like they’re having their own concert. Sorry if I complain too much; the camera shouldn’t have zoomed out too often (to show what a grand stage and venue it is?).

Tweeted these gifs earlier. “Yonghwa” spells S.E.X.Y. now!

Edit . . .

My Mediafire account was deleted. I happened to click the streaming links again today and managed to download the streams. Uploaded them again for I looooove the performances 😀

9 thoughts on “2012.01.11 & 12 GDA CNBLUE msn vids

  1. It’s awesome that they got to perform LIVE!! Thank you so much for sharing this! These will have to do until the show gets aired. Thank you so much, klaritia!!

  2. i’m surprised and impressed they got to perform live. me a bit slow on updating about the boys these days. happy for them nevertheless!

    tks for MF folder. who cares about the file’s names?

  3. Many thanks klari!
    I tried to DL them from MSN page many times lastnight. But failed.
    I also wonder why song names were mismatched!
    Anyway, I rally enjoy this show. YH’s happy moment. I love it ❤

  4. Thanks LOVED IT – what’s else to say. Hah! True C.N. Blue mini own concert 🙂
    Thank you so much for all your hardwork.

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