[Scan] Lee Shin posters

In my heart
It’s said that if one can get the piece of beautiful jade from the dragon’s hand, one’s dream will come true. Tonight, I’ll still wait for the dragon to appear in the night sky! But isn’t that piece of jade always in everyone’s heart? … I really think so. Therefore I’m always looking at my own heart, wishing my dream come true.

Yonghwa, Sensibility Dictionary #19 ~ Dragon (Pati Pati)

My translation based on Chinese translation by青瓜 @ baidu

Bought some A3 posters online. Scanned the good pics. Click to view full size or download zipped folder. Lunar new year present from me.

The beautiful boy has a beautiful mind.

Wish Yonghwa’s and your dreams come true in the Year of the Dragon! 🙂

10 thoughts on “[Scan] Lee Shin posters

  1. Wow, I read the quote and was wondering who said it (since you do like to include quotes in your posts too) and was totally surprised that it was from our boy! So hopeful, positive and poetic…. Thanks for sharing… and those scans are yummy as well!

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