Yonghwa. awesome.

They say people are abusing the word “awesome”. I even saw facebook groups on that. But I couldn’t care less. Yonghwa is awesome. Have you listened to “feeling” yet? Figuring out some of the lyrics still caused us fans headache but it’s some amusing mission to me. Check out the transcribed lyrics by heich and maybe you like joining the discussion too. I’ve to admit that Yonghwa’s lyrics are not exactly awesome when it comes to grammar and use of words. Maybe we can understand more hearing what he says in interviews about the message he wants to convey through the song. And how the other boys talk about the song too.

Reporter: “Feeling” is Yonghwa’s song. There’s this “floating” feel in the music, a very upbeat song.
YH: The music should give a very romantic feeling. The lyrics are very optimistic too. When one’s working hard, even the sweats are beautiful. Crying is also a beautiful thing, so I thought. I need to sing with a very tender voice, to give this imaginative and dreamy feel.”
(From “What’s In”, my translation based on Chinese translation by 章鱼烧 @ baidu CNBLUE bar)

Reporter: The third song “feeling”. What genre is it?
Yonghwa: Because humans are so full of feelings, even seeing the fallen leaves in autumn gives the feeling of wanting to cry. Though we always have negative feelings, not all of them are bad. If we can change our thoughts, we can come with a positive perspective. This is what this song is all about. Romantic music with very positive lyrics. This is the first time I write music with just the piano. I had no idea if such a song can be good for live performance. I just wrote it anyway.
Minhyuk: When I first heard the piano part, I was touched, thinking “it’s such a great song”. In this coming new single, my favorite is the piano part of this song.
Jungshin: I really think this is a great song. And what finally came out is slightly different from the demo version, but just being better. All in all, this song is drastically different from the ones we’ve made so far.
(From “Songs”, my translation based on Chinese translation by 青瓜 @ baidu LeeJongHyun bar)

But you won’t disagree if I say the music is AWESOME? Another original creation. Beautiful music from a beautiful boy. His almost whispering voice! Now I see what the reporter meant by “floating feel”, though I’m not sure if I translated it right…

With Jonghyun who writes great music too, and Jungshin and Minhyuk have great interesst on music and lyrics composition, plus the fact that all four boys have become so comfortable showing their real rocker selves at recent performances … Not an exaggeration to say: “CNBLUE. A phenomenon.

(Yonghwa @ 2012.01.25 Korean International Style Show performance, photo fr mdpr.jp)

When I say CNBLUE is a phenomenon, I mean the following. These boys learn by doing, not by having lessons. Read what they say about learning Japanese? “Through interviews.” Though I keep saying Yonghwa needs English lessons, he’s learning by writing English lyrics. Think he knows he’s not good enough. Maybe someone has actually told him. Guess he replies and says to himself: “I’ll work harder.”

PS Watching CNBLUE is an adventure.

18 thoughts on “Yonghwa. awesome.

  1. I cant help but say he’s awesome. His new song is just breathtaking. utterly made my heart stop. I am almost scared to see how far this guy can go further..

  2. he is awesome indeed.. how should i put my feeling into words when i listened to “feeling” this morning.. hurm.. i love the piano part.. like YH said, this song supposed to make one feel romantic and i agree. the piano+whispering..it does sound romantic to me..

  3. klaritia. Thank you for another great post! yes. Yong hwa is AWESOME & CNBLUE is a PHENOMENON!! Y, Why was my favorite YH song but now Feeling is! This song is just so great though I could’t catch some parts…but who cares! LOVE the music!

    • You’re totally right!! I could write a novel here but you stated eerything as it is, so I’ll just say: I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love every C.N.Blue song till now but Y and Feeling are my favourite!!!!

  4. agreed with checkinout!! 🙂
    I’m the fangirl of CN BLUE and Yonghwa!! 😀
    Nice to meet you guys~~
    Klaritia the best!!! xDDD

  5. again something refreshing. i love the piano part. i agree that yong still lacks in english grammar but i believe he will do better in the future

  6. The piano part is awesome, his gentle whispering voice is awesome..if this is only his 1st time wrote song with piano only, i wonder how amazing it will be his 2nd,3rd…so on… He is awesome young man!
    1st time listening to this song, i seriously feel lk crying..the music touched my heart and parts of the lyrics that i can understand, is simple yet beautiful or maybe it because the singer who sang this song very emotionally..

  7. Hi all,

    Whoa! I’m impressed indeed and not suprised actually ever since I’ve heard and read that JYH/CNB has been using orchestra during their concerts. I guess I was just waiting for a time he would inject some classical instrument (typically would be piano/violin/bass) into his composition. Hah! Mind you, only a handful of bands are doing the symphonic rock genre and mostly that I’m aware of are Brit Bands. I totally love, line, hook and sinker since I heard it first time in Cruel Intention OST (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lyu1KKwC74). YH’s new composition “Feeling” gives me this vibe and new wave with his “whisperings” type of singing.

    Over the lyrics part, whenever YH writes in Hangul, the words do flow in a poetic manner. For his English lyrics, grammar wise, I would say this would be “secondary” because if we were to hear songs lyrics especially from the Hip Hop genre *cough* totally off the wall in terms of the sentence structure and new urban word formation (bootylicious everyone?), what’s more on grammar totally buried 6 feet underground, as in being totally ignored.

    My honest POV, for YH’s as English songs lyricist, I’m more concern and particular over the usage of words to transcribe what he wants to express and channel because I noted the limited range of vocabulary so far in his writing. The words/vocabs need not be Oxford dictionary materials just simple but would tie and jive beautifully with his expression.

    In conclusion, hear ye, hear ye, The_Joker bangs the table totally awesome and to quote Barney in How I Met Your Mother – “legen…wait a minute dary!”

    • I wanted to watch that YT vid you shared before I reply but think I’d appear rude replying too late.

      Always find YH’s music very Western, this one sounds particular so to me.

      More from me on your thoughts later.

      • Aww…that’s nice of you. The Verve was not quite a well known band for general public but about 3 songs (if I’m not mistaken or can remember exactly) have become sort of “cult” like Nirvana.

        The parent/leader of symphonic rock band was Genesis (Phil Collin was in it) and The Police (Sting ex band) and the new generation would be familiar with Radiohead or its sub coldplay (I hope no1 here is core Radiohead cause I dont want to start fandoms war because it is some sort of blasphemy to mention these two bands in a sentence or one breath). I just remembered OneRepublic could also be lumped in this group.

        As for the “western”, YH earlier pieces yup very American / Western / Country sort of typical rock. Very BonJovi, ZZ Top etc lol. I’ll let you know later on when I noticed the shift started.

  8. I’ve been ‘dieting’ my CN Blue dosage because I am afraid of getting myself overfed and I don’t want my fascination to end yet. Although I cheat by peeking into this blog (*hugs to you Klaritia). I honestly have not listened to their new songs, though I am very much excited! I feel that I have to have a time (full attention) to it.

    I was surprised with the whole orchestra thing during their concert in Hong Kong. Nobody told me, and I have not read anything about an orchestra with CN Blue but for me its really daebak! Music critics may not be that impress with it, but the I believe that is bringing CN Blue to another notch. Metallica even released an album with an orchestra as well. I am a fan of Bon Jovi (hate to admit this), and I would like to hear YH sing a sexy song as Bed of Roses!

    As for the English, I’m no writer/composer, but having his work redo or edited with someone who knows English, would rob YH the whole thing of owning the lyrics of the song. Although I strongly suggest that they should learn English seriously to broaden their already broad fan base.

    Indeed YongHwa.AWESOME!

  9. @ Joker
    “Bittersweet Symphony” does have a different vibe compared to the mainstream stuff. Maybe there isn’t a “mainstream” in rock music. However I find the lyrics of “Bittersweet Symphony” kind of depressed …
    The biggest reason I enjoy CNBLUE’s music (in particular Yonghwa’s recent works) is that the music and lyrics are very positive. (I mean the music “sounds” positive too.) I have this “life is great” feeling listening to them.
    But I do feel like broadening my music listening experience too, appreciate your sharing thoughts on music in general.

    @ cobyness
    They had that orchestra part in the 2011 Sep Bluestorm concert in Seoul as well, more or less the same as the HK’s arrangement.

    Yonghwa’s English! Let’s give him some time. I’ve said this before, he just needs to be surrounded by native speakers for a few months to sound perfect. See how he learned Japanese! His MCing in Japanese at the J concerts have become better day by day (according to J fans).

  10. I find here by google “yonghwa feeling”.. XD yonghwa is awesome indeed.. i know him from the kdrama “heartstrings” and later find that he is actually a singer and is the lead vocalist of CNBLUE. i have to admit that at the very beginning i did think he and CNBLUE are probably just another korean boy groups like thousands of them out there. but when i start searching them on youtube i find that i am completely wrong. he is beyond my imagination!
    As for yonghwa’s english, yes it’s not perfect and quite “korean-like”.. but i think he has showed significant improvement day by day. Just compare the lyrics of Y, Why and Feeling.. we can see the big difference already. I am very impressed by his improvement in such a short time. Just give him some more time, i believe he will become a great english lyricist one day. 🙂

  11. i love FEELING.. i think its the best song..
    i wish i could see live performance of FEELING.. still waiting for it while seeing yonghwa playing piano ^^

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