Hail to the poet – Jung Yong Hwa

I said Yonghwa’s English lyrics in ‘feeling’ aren’t awesome. Give me a fork, am gonna eat my words! Check out the exact lyrics as in the lyrics sheet. Did you join heich’s fun exercise deciphering the lyrics hearing the audio? I was so wrong about Yonghwa needing preposition lessons. It’s just my messed-up ears (or partly due to Yonghwa’s less-than-perfect pronunciation).

A teardrop in my face, beads of sweat in my face
That is the paradise

“beads of sweat” is just BEAUTIFUL!

I am confused, I’m at a nonplus
I am in tears, And tear me down

I haven’t even come across the word “nonplus”, not to mention know it. I checked the Merriam online dictionary for the meaning and read people saying Obama misused the word (I never pay attention to him), D.H. Lawrence used it in Women In Love (but the only D.H. Lawrence book I’ve read isΒ Sons and Lovers), and Harry Potter was nonplussed… (Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets, but I read that book!) … Anyways, those two lines in the song are so poetic!

And then there’s this line in “Where you are” that we weren’t sure before. It should be

Somewhere Lady Luck will smile at me. Yeah-


One can still find “flaws” in the lyrics. I won’t say they’re perfect either. I mean I underestimated Yonghwa and I feel so sorry. This boy is deep. Do you know he wrote “feeling” during the Hearstrings filming period? “Man in front of the Mirror” and “Mr. KIA” were written around that time as well. How he did it?

Yonghwa. My hero.

PS The post title is inspired by heich’s tweet //all hail yonghwa//

PPS I saw tweets jokingly say “nonplus” may become a twitter trend, “nonplus” is a trendy vocab … *laughs & grins*

11 thoughts on “Hail to the poet – Jung Yong Hwa

  1. Yonghwa is indeed a One of a Kind musician..i’m really looking forward for his future compositions..clap clap clap to him.. πŸ™‚

  2. Yonghwaaa… really, i really love this song, now i’ve read the whole lyrics..so beautiful, so poetic..romantic and positive song indeed.. Musically genius, yonghwa.. I want to see him sing this song and also playing the piano..that would be a beautiful sight.. *dreamy*

  3. i wanted spazz about his english improvement with you too … but maybe u tot otherwise.. lol… even b4 seeing the lyrics i FEEL the way he wrote the lyrics … it’s so much better and well versed (sorry of my lack of vocab) compared to some previous song where I did tease about at times… >.< … I teased him cos I love him ..lol …

  4. I don’t know what was his feeling during the process of writing “feeling” and other 2 songs. Certain ppl said he felt bored, tired or empty during the hardship of filming.
    I know myself, I dont think I have that ‘energy’ when I feel bored, tired and empty.
    I personally think that he wrote it because he loves the process, he feels all the positivity and he wants people to love what he’s doing and to feel his positive mind.
    I still amazed with the “nonplus” word (I thought it means ‘not positive’ LOL) and the sound of piano in “feeling”. Also, I thought Coldplay has influenced him for the “Teardrop” + “Paradise” word. LOL.
    Cheers to Klaritia, always the fan of your writing btw. ^^
    keep up the good work!

  5. It’s interesting how he learned English on his own and somehow managed to get this far. I guess we had only been used to what’s conventional and normative to put his words down, but now I really appreciate how his lyrics are his own interpretations of the language. It’s not perfect grammatically, but it still contains the artistic essence. I guess more than anything, I’m amazed at how never stays within his comfort zone and keeps challenging himself.

  6. The piano part gives one the feeling of floating autumn leaves as they slowly descend into the ground. Though the English is not perfect but it did convey his thoughts and feelings and I just have fallen deeply for this beautiful person named Yonghwa. Thanks Klatitia and as always even if I haven’t written anything in the past I have always been one of your ardent reader and an adoring stalker of our beloved poet the awesome JUNG YONGHWA and the phenomenon called CNBLUE. from California in the Napa Valley Cassandra

  7. Yonghwa is very poetic, I always wondered why Yonghwa represented ‘Emotional’ when he suited ‘Burning’ more since he is the one burning the stage with his hotness; his stare, licking lips, (new) biting lips, winking, hand movements, etc. But now I know for sure why he represents ‘Emotional’. His songs have a ‘feeling’ in them. You can see in the lyrics that his English isn’t perfect but I’m impressed nonetheless. He shows us that music itself is a language, it doesn’t need perfect pronunciation and correct words to touch the fans hearts, it just needs ‘feeling’. Thank you, Yonghwa! I love you ❀

  8. the words /lyrics doesn’t matter. it is how he writes his music that makes him exceptionally brilliant. I have been listening to almost all of his song with CN Blue. even if i can’t understand one single Korean word in those song but still yong hwa could magically convey the feeling of each of those songs while singing it! that is the true meaning of being an artist! awsome yong hwa!!!

  9. hi everyone! ^_^
    this’s the first time i write comment on your blog Klaritia. i’ve been your ‘stalker-blog’ since i fell in love with this talented boy. i admire every single word that you wrote. very entertaining! πŸ™‚ (oh sorry for my bad english too). I’m new boice anyway, i crushed with this guitarist since Heartstrings drama. One of my friend told me about this drama and i started to watch it, at the first time i just felt plain…there’s nothing than i like the story, the role (which was another handsome guy and beautiful girl) until i saw Lee Shin (in this case, Yong Hwa) play a song on stage in the cafe. First thing that popped up in my head was ‘He is definitely can play guitar’, i can feel it (i thought he was a member of boyband or something at the first time). There is something with him and the way he performed on stage that really attracted me, i think he was being himself (the person who really enjoy performing on stage) than being his role in drama. I fell in love with that guy at that moment *blushing* ^_^ , then i started to search about him in the internet and i found out that he is the leader of a band called CNBLUE and he is a rhythm guitarist! i was like a….ooohh really???? i was surprised because of the fact that CNBLUE is a korean band, you know..all these whole things about korean wave that i know is about their K-pop music with all that dances, the styles and good looking members so i’m so happy and appreciate with CNBLUE for their own music style. I’m deeply in love with him since i know he writes the lyrics and composes some songs (He is so talented! :))
    Even though, i don’t understand at all the korean and japanesse songs but with the whole package with the music, i can hear what he’s trying to say through music :).
    I’m so sorry Klaritia for my ‘too-long-comment’ but i need to let it all out of my chess. Thank you so much for your time to wrote all about Jung Yong Hwa, it’s so helpful and so entertaining to read it all! πŸ˜€ (i’m addict now!). YOU’RE THE BEST!!!

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