2 random CNBLUE gifs + 2 random CNBLUE vids

You know I love to play cool making up random post titles that may have annoyed you to no end all this time. The things I’m gonna say are so unconnected that I don’t have a clue.

Falling (@unexpectedF) watched a video when the boys were interviewed after receiving the Golden Disk Award, she asked us to notice how sweet Minhyuk was. Yonghwa was holding the mic and award at the same time. Minhyuk just took the award from Yonghwa to make him feel more at ease saying the message to fans all over the world (as requested by the MC). So I helped Falling illustrate her point better making the gif.

You know many CNBLUE fans like “shipping” Yonghwa and Jonghyun … I used to make lots of JongHwa gifs too. I totally like to ship YongMin these days. Watch that Ontama video shared by @cn_bana7? Yonghwa was imitating B’z Koshi Inaba’s singing. Of course he’s good and Jonghyun was funny playing along. But see who’s the biggest fan of Yonghwa’s “talent”?

But this isn’t a post about bromance. I mean I have lots of fun watching CNBLUE videos. Though I gotta wait for English or Chinese subs/translations, having no clue about what they’re saying, I pay attention to the minor things, the funny things …

I’d like to thank all the fans who share the CNBLUE/Yonghwa videos. Sorry that I forget to or can’t thank you direct sometimes.

Recorded these GDA related vids from the official site. Screen recording isn’t the best solution but I just couldn’t rip the videos. In case you like keeping them.


CNBLUE 受賞インタビュー.avi

2 thoughts on “2 random CNBLUE gifs + 2 random CNBLUE vids

  1. thanks a lot.. i try to DL all videos since i already cant catch up with their photos… but sometimes those sites that dont allow us to RIP … so frustrating.. you are one of my saviour ^^ …

  2. Bow to Klaritia for these videos and more. Love them all ut Yonghwa gets the lion share for I said it already “I adore the guy”. I’ve always had a soft spot for gous who plays an instrument much more if it is the piano..since I play myself (for my family and friends only). Thus my obsession with the AWESOMENESS named Jung Yonghwa.

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