Yonghwa, scary or gentle?

The boys are on TBS Live B♪. The interview is short but cute. (Thanks to xaski @ weibo for translations.) MC asks if they ever quarrel having lived together for so many years (Jonghyun says 5 years). Jonghyun says Yonghwa is scary. But Minhyuk disagrees, saying Yonghwa isn’t scary but very gentle. Then Yonghwa gives Minhyuk a pat and they shake hands. 🙂

Made some HD caps too.

3 thoughts on “Yonghwa, scary or gentle?

  1. Lol what with jonghwa saying scary to eachother ?!! First yong2 & now jjong 😀 !!
    Minnie so cute & i always feel his love to his hyung ♥
    Tnx for u posts its always intresting & make me happier since its all about this ” gentleman ” 😀

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