Where you are 1st press LE!!!

Maybe I’m a shallow fan, I wasn’t pleased that the 1st press LE of Where you are doesn’t come with a photobook like the In My Head one. When I got my copies, I was like, who cares about photobooks? 38 minutes video in the DVD!!!

I’ve seen rips shared by a fan earlier. In case you haven’t. Illusion. Rain of Blessing. WYA (Special Feature). But nothing likes playing the DVD on my TV with some sound system! I was so amazed at the sound quality of the live event clips. Concert DVD standard. (So envious of the fans who attended the event.) Of course the boys did awesome. Loving all the songs but I just want to talk about “In My Head” as this is an “In My Head” event. The live version is so power-up-ed compared to the studio version. (Do you understand what I mean if I say IMH in later concerts/events has “evolved” much too?)

If you haven’t bought their albums at all, you really need to buy this one. Value for money. I really hope they’ll document the upcoming WYA release fan events and include it in the coming album as bonus DVD. Actually I think they should tape each and every concert and events they’ve attended and make them into DVDs. Something like CNBLUE History: Debut Era, CNBLUE History: Champion Days … things like that.

2 thoughts on “Where you are 1st press LE!!!

  1. Love your post. I need to buy their CDs and DVDs. Where in California please tell me. I need my Yonghwa and CNBlue fix. Thanks aain, Klaritia

  2. I totally know what you mean!! The “live” performances of In My Head are incredible! I have yet to receive my copy of WYA, but I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched their IMH performance from the 392 concert. And, it’s not even the full performance! Doesn’t it make you want them to release LIVE albums?? I mean, they sing and play live… so, why not? OK, now I’m just asking to add more to my monthly CNBLUE bill. 😛 Anyway, thanks for sharing the awesome performance!

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