BLUE STORM dvd teaser

Fans who’ve been to their Korea concerts as well as Japan concerts say they gave them totally different feels. I must agree, just watching the DVDs.

I’ve read fans reporting the above scene right after the BS Seoul concert. How Jungshin is shy singing “You’ve Fallen For Me”, how Yonghwa teases him (actually cheering him on in my opinion) and shows him how to sing “more sweetly”. My heart!

And they talk about who’s sharing rooms with who … still they rock it playing and singing. LOVE to see them totally enjoying the stage intereacting with each other and with the fans.


I’m sorry if I behave like I’m just showing off CNBLUE merchandises that I’ve collected. There is a line in my mind. 100 persons can have 100 different views. But not a fansite or a fan I know post mp3 or vob/iso of official releases, at least not “usually”. Sorry that I can’t cater to such requests. My apology if this paragraph upsets you. I’m upset typing this paragraph mysef, thinking if I always upset others being too noisy in the fandom.

Just spazz about the boys if you feel like commenting. Cheers.

5 thoughts on “BLUE STORM dvd teaser

  1. Klaritia, as always I love readin your blog and anything and everything you share with us. Like you I am a fan who adores yonghwa. For me he is the most wonderful creation that ever come my way through his music and acting. I hope to see him in peson come March in LA. I got all I need for that day. A day after my dad’s birthday. I can’t find any o their DVD or CD in San Francisco,. I got my You’re Beautiful DVD from Japantown in San Francisco but Heartstrigs is not available yet same with any CNBlue CD.

    • Yes, I’ve looked around Japantown and Chinatown but they’re not well known enough here yet. 😦 Waiting for the day they are…. I usually get my CNBLUE CD/DVDs and Heartstrings stuff from Yesasia – they do not charge shipping if you purchase above a certain amount so I tend to pool my purchases. Another option is

      Am going to the LA concert too! Can’t wait!

      klaritia, thanks for sharing the cut as a teaser! They are so funny, and I love how spontaneous they are, playing the song again… that’s the beauty of an all live performance! I totally support you in not sharing downloads… our boys get most of their income from copyrights (since they have so few CFs still) and we should not deprive them of that!

  2. Can’t wait for my dvd to arrive! Hope they will release the HK concert too the one that we attended.
    @cassandra we’ve been getting cn blue cds on ebay as it is not available here in UAE

  3. This is such a TEASE!! aaahhhh at YOU! lol. My dvd is still on it’s way… but if this doesn’t make you want to watch the whole thing, or better yet, BUY the dvd… I dunno, there’s something wrong. I’m trying REALLY hard not to snoop around YT to see more clips. Thanks so much for sharing! Can’t wait to see them in March!

  4. I understand completely about the DVD sharing. Please don’t be upset about it.

    And now, for the spazzing. That little clip you posted was so funny. I had a huge grin on my face the whole time. Can’t wait for my DVD to arrive. Speaking of which, I have a bone to pick with Yesasia. Why are they so slow???!!!

    Anyway, I love the shy Jungshin and mischevious Yonghwa. When Yonghwa is happy, his eyes light up. His eyes were sparkling the whole time! And Jonghyun’s voice! Deep and strong. Omg! As for Minhyuk, true to his nice, sweet nature, he tried to help Jungshin sing and then sat back and watched his 3 brothers’ antics. Is it possible to love all 4 of them any more than this?

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