[Trans] TV PIA interview (part 1)

REPORTER: When was the 2nd single’s “Where you are” writen?
YH: Not long after I wrote the Japan debut single’s “In My Head”, when we were busy with Korea debut activities, around early 2010. “In My Head” and “Where you are” are both rock with a strong groove feel, my favorite style.

REPORTER: I think “Where your are” is about talking to the “music writing god”?
YH: You’re right. I have this kind of feeling. When I write songs, I’m frequently frustrated about not having inspirations. But this song came with sudden inspiration. I usually start with the chorus part, but for this song, it’s the guitar intro part that first popped up in my mind. I actually wrote the chorus part last. So this is quite different from previous experience.

REPORTER: Do the lyrics sing something about escaping from the present too?
YH: We can always see these people around us. They look positive from the outside but they’re experiencing great pain. (Laughs) In this kind of situation, shouldn’t one think with an even more positive mind? Well, this is just my thought.

REPORTER: Were there interesting stories making the PV?
YH: This PV is just so cool! However, on the filming day, I felt unwell and had to go to the hospital, causing so much trouble to so many people.
JH: Just before we went to Japan, he stayed up late writing songs. He’s just too tired.
JS: At the PV filming set, they set up many mirrors. The cameras kept turning around me 360 degree, and so my eyes followed the camera and turned 360 degree non stop too. (Laughs) We filmed until the morning.
YH: Though the filming continued till the morning, Jungshin actually slept in the middle.
MH: And he slept so soundly. (Laughs)
YH: Though I’d been to the hospital, I still ate ramen because I just loved ramen too much. Then my stomach ached so much. (Laughs)
REPORTER: So we can see a very weak Yonghwa in the PV then.
YH: Yes. (Laughs) But didn’t this condition just suit “Where you are”?

REPORTER: “Get Away” is written by Jonghyun. This can be considered straight rock?
JH: I wrote it for lives. Among our songs, there’re many medium tempo ones and ballads, so I wanted to write one that can fire up the mood in lives.
YH: For us to head-bang non-stop too!
MH: Doing lives is so much fun. But his song is too fast and so it’s not easy performing it.

REPORTER: The last song “feeling”, Yonghwa wrote both the music and lyrics. This song has this feeling of insecurity and seeking redemption.
YH: I have much insecurity in my heart. Totally insecure. There are so many things to consider; my mind is always in a mess. This is because I’m a narrow-minded (not sure about this, Chinese is 细腻) guy. (Laughs)
JS: I don’t think so.
MH: Yonghwa hyung is a very capable person. He doesn’t mind the trivial things, but has only big dreams. He wants to be someone big.
YH: I want to go for world tours by my private jet! (Laughs)
All: Not a bad idea. (Laughs)

REPORTER: Yonghwa and Jonghyun have written songs of totally different styles, do you have things that you admire each other?
YH: Voice. Jonghyun’s voice is so beautiful. I just can’t create that kind of voice.
JH: For me, I admire hyung’s sense of rhythm. It’s not that easy to have that kind of sense when singing.
JS: So you mean you don’t have rhythm sense?
JH: Of course I have! Compared to Jungshin, I can play better bass.
All: Hahaha. (Laughs)

English translation by klaritia, based on Chinese translation by 阿言 @ baidu LJHbar
The full Chinese translation is here >


I ain’t sure if I’ll do part 2 (trivial stuff in my opinion), saw my friend translated a full article and thought I’ve been lazy translating stuff lately. So I did the above in a rush. Any mistakes are mine and sorry for bad English.

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5 thoughts on “[Trans] TV PIA interview (part 1)

  1. Thank you for the translation…
    Kkkk, yonghwa, your dream keeps getting bigger and bigger…’to go for world tours by my private jet …’ woow, we’re going to pray for u, then.. :)) fighting !!

  2. two things: 1. didn’t know YY was sick during WYA filming. broke my heart! 2. didn’t know YY felt insecure. might suspect or speculate about it before but to have him confirmed it broke my heart again.

    excuse me, i’ve gotta go mend my heart now. it’s weekend for goodness’s sake.

    thank you for the translation, k.

  3. Yonghwa you should take care of yourself and sleep well. I love every song you wrote
    And now after reading feeling lyrics I admire you even more than before if that is even posable
    Love the way minhyuk always defends yonghwa ^^
    I really want to give him a hug he shouldn’t feel insecure at all
    Hope that you will have your own jet and come to visit us
    One of my dreams is to visit china maybe some day I’ll be lucky enough to visit china and see yonghwa there at live concert with his cnblue brothers Wow it’ll be great like that I’ll accomplish two of my dreams
    He is just a mixture of every thing the more I know about him the more I like him
    Thank you klaritia for translating

  4. YH: This PV is just so cool! However, on the filming day, I felt unwell and had to go to the hospital, causing so much trouble to so many people.
    JH: Just before we went to Japan, he stayed up late writing songs. He’s just too tired.

    I think I feel the same feeling like others, I suddenly sad by knowing that Yong was sick when filming WYA. T.T I even more sock reading JH statement that even before they went to Japan, Yong slept lately to write songs. TT_TT
    Ommooo, Yong Oppa, please take care of ur self. Pls do not force yourself too much.
    Please stay healthy you all :))

    Anyway, thank you so much for the translate 😉

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