the sky’s the limit

I’m searching where you are right now, and I will fly high ~

It’s funny how some people like to compare CNBLUE with other Korean groups (even girl groups!!). They’re one of a kind; they can only be compared to themselves. Just watch all those Japan concerts aired on TV and the concert DVDs!

 The above made from 2 blurry screencaps. Can be used as desktop wallpaper (1680×1050 png). Looking forward to the Yoyogi DVD to be released on Mar 14.

Like the BS Seoul concert much too. Tweeted this wallpaper yesterday, in case you didn’t see it. Don’t mean it’s too good to miss. 😉

6 thoughts on “the sky’s the limit

  1. Finally received my copy of the BS concert, and WOW! I remember reading comments praising Yonghwa’s excellent vocal condition during this concert. I must agree! CNBLUE is truly amazing and the stage is where they belong. Thanks for sharing your wallpapers!

  2. The 1st picture is just perfect for the title of this blog.. The sky is truly the limit for them..thanks for the walpaper, soo handsome Yonghwa.. love it ^^

  3. hi. you have good editing skills. do you use PS as your editing software? do you blend those images to make a good one? 🙂 i like the way you edit .. ^^

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