We’re like lemonade with too much water in it and too few lemons. We dilute our flavor so we won’t offend anymore. And in the process, we give away our power, the essence of who we are; the very thing that makes us unique and unforgettable.

I always dilute my flavor, not that I’m afraid to offend. I just don’t see myself great or anything, so there’s no reason everybody tastes my flavor. However, I refuse to be plain water.

And I just need to relate this quote to CNBLUE … I hope they will never have to dilute their flavors. They are so unique and unforgettable.

7 thoughts on “lemonade

  1. CnBlue will always retain their unique flavor as long as the members keep their first intentions and I think they have already demonstrated that they intend to do just that!

    Other groups change with the wind, for nothing and everything but CnBlue just continues to grow and impress us each and every time they come back with a new album or single.
    Unlike idols they have never been about clothes hair color or makeup they have always been about the music and music last forever while fashion, style and what’s cool changes everyday of the week. So no worries and if they ever fail they will just “Try again, SMile again”.

  2. i really like your thought, opinion, quote. it’s really true. i hope CNBLUE will always stay true to themselves. i am happy there is Boice like you 🙂 thank you

  3. I like your quote 🙂
    I believe they will never dilute their flavor. It makes them unique just the way they are. And their uniqueness that leads us to love them.

  4. love that quote and the concept…it never really put too much thought into how have to dilute ourselves to conform to society or each other. Thanks for this comment. I hope they don’t have to dilute their flavor or color for anyone and I really hope that they persevere through the controversies they face. They are CNBLUE, rich with talent and hue of their musical color and they have their awesome BOICE behind them =]

  5. AMen to your profound thoughts Klaritia and I need not say more for all your comments fangirls are all on point. As a CnBlue fan, all I can do is wish them all the Best and May you always be true to their music and themselves.CHEERS to everyone here and there ALL FOR CNBLUE

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