Lee Shin vs Yonghwa

A fan asked if I could convert that Lee Shin guitar solo clip I posted earlier into mp3. I extracted the audio from the DVD and amplified it a bit. For you, Arlene, and everybody, Lee Shin Guitar Solo mp3.

Then I remember I haven’t posted this clip I cut from the DVD earlier here, though I tweeted it. Battle of Life by the Stupid. | mp3 |

I think you have watched this clip on YouTube shared by other fans. I love this part too and just made my own cut. | Yonghwa & Oh Wonbin impromptu guitar jam mp3 |

Though Heartstrings‘ ratings sucked, many overseas fans watched it I heard. I wonder if anybody became a Yonghwa fan after watching Heartstrings. In case there are people who fall for Lee Shin, I’d say a drama character has no life outside the drama. Lee Shin fans are lucky to have the real life Yonghwa to follow. Fiction is better than real life? Not this case! Yonghwa’s handsomeness is more 3-dimensional; Yonghwa’s sexier on stage; Yonghwa’s a happier and more colorful person … I can make a long list. Maybe I let you add on that. šŸ™‚

PS I seriously think Yonghwa is a better guitarist than Lee Shin, because Yonghwa’s constantly improving. Notice his guitar playing in MTV Unplugged?!

11 thoughts on “Lee Shin vs Yonghwa

  1. Exactly !! no comparement can be done between two.. i liked lee shin while watchin the drama, i love yonghwa forever ! and just the opposite characters undoubtedly šŸ™‚ i actually wanna see yonghwa on the stage only,, but if he’ll act again, i hope this time he’d act someone just like himself kk,, thx for the post =)

  2. Honestly, it was kinda disappointing the Heartstrings didn’t really do well in KR but yes, the ratings it received overseas DEFINITELY compensated for it. =)

    And yup! I noticed the improvement. Actually, this is what I think (I hope you don’t mind me sharing my ideas here): Yonghwa is someone who doesn’t like being boxed in a certain impression. He is constantly fueled by his drive to exceed the standards people set for him. He totally exceeds expectations everytime he comes up on stage; and he doesn’t just show that. HE MAKES SURE THAT EVERYONE FEELS THE CHANGES.

    Maybe it’s because he’s from Busan? But no… I think it’s more of like this: He does that because he is a real musician. I’ve been listening to music all my life and I think it’s safe to say that Yongyong is a rare find. Not everyone has the talent to convince people that they are musicians using their music. But Yonghwa does that – as well as the other members – LIKE A BOSS.

    Sorry if you find this out of topic. šŸ™‚ I just want to share out my opinion. šŸ™‚ REALLY SORRY!! šŸ˜€

    • You could not have said it any better, angel. This boy continues to surprise me EACH and EVERY TIME! I’ve always felt that Yong Hwa is someone who will excel in anything he sets his mind to… he could have been a doctor, an astronaut, an artist… anything… he just has this really competitive drive, is incredibly smart and learns quickly if he’s passionate about it (which is why I love watching him in Running Man). I know a few people who are like that – but they are very rare and special.

      Yes, klaritia, I loved Lee Shin in Heartstrings but Yong Hwa is way way way better and more interesting than that character.

      • EXACTLY. Competitive is the best adjective to describe this man. šŸ™‚

        Thanks for agreeing with me checkinout! šŸ˜€
        And thank you Klaritia for letting my comments in here. šŸ˜€

  3. For me, Lee shin and yonghwa in the real life are just adorable. Perhaps, if we have to compare, I surely will choose Yong in real life since I can see his skill getting improve, while for Leeshin we cant see his improvement since d drama is already end right? hhhee. But still, Yonghwa outside or inside drama is none other than amazing šŸ˜‰

    Talking about Lee Shin, I have story about my friend who like Yonghwa in Heartstrings so much. She knew Yonghwa from me, and after she heard A LOT OF STORIES (I told her about Yonghwa, whenever I have an update about him. hhe) At first time, she just like Yonghwa (not that very much till makes her to keep herself update every news about him) But, she totally fall for him since she watched Yonghwa in heartstrings. She love Yonghwa’s act there, and also parts that show he’s singing or playing music. I told her to watch YH’s 1st drama YBA, but she still like heartstrings more. She said “I have never bored to watch Yonghwa there”, “He is too cool there, handsome+talented on playing guitar”. And she’s starting to watch more Yonghwa performance and when he appeared on tv program.
    This shown to me that, Yonghwa’s charm is not only effected to me, even my best friend now is becoming Yong-biased. I never feel to be sorry to her to spamming almost her day with my story about Yong, hhhaaa. I’m happy she is able to know and see more about this adorable guy.

  4. last wednesday i called my younger brother and told him to download the mtv unplugged of cnblue immediately since im not at home till this saturday , im scared that it might be removed by youtube. so i pleaded him. when i went home last night. he told me that he listen to it a little bit and said they have good songs. i was so excited since he appreciates it and it was in korean too. i proudly told him that they are the first korean to be guest in there. he was little shocked and nodded showing appreciation to the group. by the way he is a big fan of yonghwa in running man. he love all the episodes of him there. and asked me from time to time if he will guest there again. he also show yonghwa in running man to his friends too.

  5. Fallen for yonghwa because of Heartstrings…Continue loving him and admiring him because of his awesomeness, charmingness n because he is simply so gorgeous and perfect while singing and playing guitar at the stage with other cnblue members.. šŸ™‚
    I went to BS BKK and he (and other cnblue members) gave us a really stunning performance and before they performed You’ve Fallen For Me..Yonghwa played a little bit of Lee Shin’s Guitar solo from Heartstrings, so i’m a happy fangirl right now ^^

  6. Oh my goodness THANK YOU SO MUCH for the mp3s! I actually didn’t know of YongHwa until after watching You’re Beautiful…I started following CNBlue after I found out he was the leader of “some band” and googled it…YouTube was my best friend after that!..Then WGM came along and aside from losing the scarf,..what a sweetheart!.. In fact the only two WGMs I’ve watched(wanted to watch) were YH’s and KHJ’s…..Then Heartstrings came along and I watched it to see some “redemption” for ShinWoo LOL! I saw that the ratings weren’t great and I couldn’t understand why…I LOVED IT! Especially Eps 6 through 14-ish(after the student/teacher one-sided love thing and before the whole Lee Shin’s wrist thing) and I totally agree with YH being a better guitarist than Lee Shin…I just wish there was more footage of YH doing solos, rocking it with his guitar..or piano, flute,heck, two sticks and bone even LOL! I’ll watch anything YH *giggles* …I love the vids that show his personality…how much he cares and has passion for everyone and everything around him šŸ™‚ ….Watching HS just made me admire him more; hearing him sing and knowing that he actually composed songs for HS, how can anyone NOT want to know anything and everything about YH??!! So here I am…a follower of your blog….dedicated to the one and only multi-talented YongHwa šŸ™‚ Thank you again!

    PS…CNBlue’s performance on MTV Unplugged was soooo good! (I’d say “awesome” but I read your earlier posts about that word LOL!) You can totally tell they are improving themselves…and what a group of handsome men šŸ™‚ ya?

  7. Exactly, Lee Shin and Yonghwa is different but actually they both have same character,in KR got low rate but EXACTLY in overseas Heartstrings got high rate… Me and all of my friends has watching again and again, hearing his voice and his song and knowing that he actually composed for HS, so proud of him!!!!

    CNBLUE’s performance at MTV unplugged so wonderful!!!! LOVE ITTTTTTTT!!!!!^^

  8. Hi Klaritia! I couldn’t help myself but to leave a comment here …before I would just read your threads here and not leave a message…but now? I feel I have to share the same sentiments… I believe I will gain new friends here in your blog (hopefully, you being one of them?) I just want to say how thankful I am for you for painstakingly doing all the scanning and extracting/ripping the videos for us fans of Yong and CNBLUE and for always updating us of their latest shows and gigs…I have been a big fan of Yong since YB days (though i only watched it late, it has been shown in our local channel but did not pay much attention it so watched it late). Since then I learned that he is the leader of some band and i googled it and i would say, got hooked with this band, their awesome vocals and their camaraderie in and out of the stage is just great.

    I have watched Heartstrings many times and i couldn’t agree more with your observation… Though it seems like they have one thing in common…When it comes to love, I think Yong and Lee Shin have the same passion to keep a good relationship. Their approach might be different as Lee Shin has a total different personality with the YongHwa in real life which is playful and very creative in giving gifts with his woman but I think and feel that the way of showing how much he cares and love his woman is the same… the passion to let the lady know that she is the one for him and that he would treasure him is the same…This is just my opinion only… some might not agree with my observation .. I say this because I’ve watched Yong many times (over and over and over again) in WGM and that’s why I am able to say this.

    One thing is sure though…I love Yong as he is…as an actor, singer, leader, composer, his overall character is an ideal guy whom I would love to love in all my life.

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