[Scan] Trendy no.32

I’m a big fan of this Taiwan magazine for it’s interviewed CNBLUE many times and the interviews are all meaningful and totally lovely. Think I have translated almost all of them. I bought all issues with CNBLUE but haven’t scanned them at all, for a Taiwan fan usually scanned it when it’s out the first day or two. It happens she’s been busy and she just took some photos couple weeks ago. This issue is a cocktail of BS Seoul report and other “old” stuff, kind of like an AD for their Taipei concert. And the magazine has been blown up to 23cm x 33cm. The paper is thicker too. But it’s total pain to scan with an A4 scanner, having to stitch the pieces together.




Zipped. 🙂

Don’t think there’s new information worthy of translating. Looking forward to the next issue for the exclusive interview.

4 thoughts on “[Scan] Trendy no.32

  1. they want to prevent fans from scanning so they increase the size? I dont even feel like scanning it anymore… really thanks for the effort.. stitching is a total pain…

    Trendy is really a nice magazine.. i like it too …

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