Tattoo. Evolves.

2nd Korean Mini-album Bluelove (Released on 2010.05.19)
Track 04: Tattoo

Music by Jung Yong Hwa, Han Seung Hoon
Lyrics by Jung Yong Hwa
Arranged by Jung Yong Hwa, Han Seung Hoon

“Tattoo” is my favorite in the album. They don’t perform it that often in concerts. Think they haven’t performed that on Korean TV at all, according to my poor memory.

2010.07.31 CNBLUE 1st Concert (Listen to CNBLUE) at AX-Korea

2010.09.20 2010 Listen to the CNBLUE Asia Tour in Japan (Tokyo) at Shibuya-AX

2012.12.16 CNBLUE Winter Tour 2011 “Here in my head” Yoyogi Stadium Tokyo

I’m glad I saw “Tattoo” at the Hong Kong concert. It’s pretty level-upped and comparable to the Yoyogi one. But “Tatoo” at the LA concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You saw those fancams? You read those fan reports? Some fans talked about how SEXY Yonghwa was on the open thread here. I talked to fans on twitter, asking if Yonghwa has “evolved” or he’s just begun to let us see the real him. I said Yonghwa’s wild at heart back in early 2010 (you don’t know I said that or you don’t possibly remember). You heard he and Jungshin talk about wanting to get tattoos at some Japan fan meeting? I seriously think he means what he says. I won’t be a little surprised if he appears showing off tattoos one day. Back to the song. My friend (*wink*) says this is a sexy song; I nod and nod hearing that. The music, the lyrics, the way Yonghwa sings it, the way all CNBLUE boys play the newly arranged version in lives, all spell S.E.X.Y. Just in case you need English translation of the lyrics.

You dig inside me just like Tattoo
You took half of me just like Tattoo
Even in your scent that passed me by
In your speech
is my tattoo with my bones embedded

Your warm heat that you left behind
digs into my heart
This night is darker than usual
and my heart is burning

Your motion that seems to drive me crazy
Your motion that seems to brush against me
No matter how much I try to erase it
Your motion is stuck like a tattoo

Keep on (I wanna keep on)
Keep on (on and on and on)
Keep on (uh uh I have no way uh)
Keep on (I wanna keep on)
Keep on (on and on and on)
Keep on your back on

Can you leave me? I don’t think I can forget you
Disappear now oh from inside me

You are engraved inside my heart just like Tattoo
You are filled inside my head just like Tattoo
Even when I close my eyes, even when I scream
A tattoo called you just keeps getting bigger.

Your warm smile that you left behind come seeping into my head

Your motion that seems like its burning
Your motion that seems to appear and then disappear
No matter how much I try to erase it
Your motion is contained inside my heart

[Translation credits to 1takeKK @]

But a SEXY rocker can be humble and sincere to bandmates/coworkers/fans at the same time. That’s the charm of our chameleon!

A side note. Mr Han Sung Ho said in a news interview back in May 2010 that Yonghwa had composed more than 100 songs. He praised Yonghwa’s talent and work attitude much. Then Jonghyun revealed to some Japanese magazine reporter lately that he has more than 70 self-composed songs stored in his iPad. It is totally ridiculous that the upcoming Korean album title track was composed by someone else (as rumored), but not Yonghwa or Jonghyun. I’ll still enthusiastically follow their comeback activities, buy CDs, buy digital downloads … like I always did. BUT I can’t help thinking, things could be so much more exciting if the title track would be a CNBLUE member’s composition. Hope my saying the above isn’t ruining your mood anticipating the comeback activities. But haven’t I told you? I ain’t no plain water.

5 thoughts on “Tattoo. Evolves.

  1. this is my first time after 2 years >> after CNBLUE 1st Concert
    seeing tattoo a live
    OMG … really speechless ..
    i mean .. the hand move
    the YH scream ” you bad girl ” ^^ if i’m not wrong ..
    the solo gitar ..
    goshh .. really
    no word can Describe how great their live is ..
    especially in this song ..
    thank you so much for the vid ^^
    you really make me day more happier

  2. Hi!

    I do agree with what you’re saying…those boys are way too talented for their own good and I felt that it is unfair that FNC would want to use another composer’s song for their title track when they already have such tremendous talent in their midst.

    By the way, I’m Weng from the Philippines…. I love reading your blog and I check it out everyday. Hope you won’t get tired of posting info and your thoughts about CNBlue.

    More power!

  3. I do agree with you.
    After I watch fancams of their LA concert, I just thought I need to watch the previous concert/ performance of the songs they sung there. At that time, I just found out their sound gave a kinda feeling that ‘this is really their sound?’
    After I watched the very first of their performance of each song (from some concerts) – I watched it by following the time order- and when finally I watch the LA concert one, I definitely feel as you do. Do they evolved or this is just the real them.
    If I am able to give a comment according to the first video till the LA concert one, for the first video I don’t find something much different with the version on the CD/DVD (I mean it just slightly different, since they perform it in live) As times go by, their live performance is SO RICH with involvement. The LA concert one is great example to prove it. I have faith that, along with many people from many countries and from different gender as well with age, they are now having much confident to show the world who they are and what music they have. And what they are doing now.

    “The real musician will produce the music not only follow the trend, but they are the one who make that trend” this is what my friend told to me, and I do agree.
    This is what CNBlue is always want to do 🙂

  4. Thank you for a post dedicated to THE song that confirmed for me that Yong Hwa’s music speaks to me and made me into the fan I am today. Tattoo. I loved this song so much when it first came out on Bluelove – it showed a moodier, darker, more intense side of Yong Hwa that made me curious and excited. I was bitterly disappointed when it was never played (or sung since its hand-sync anyway) on the music programs, ecstatic when I first watched it performed live in the AX Shibuya Concert DVD and DIED when I heard the re-arranged version from the Yoyogi concert clips. They made an already awesome song so much more amazing!

    So you can imagine, I was all pins and needles the days leading up to the LA concert, wishing and hoping and praying that they would perform this song…. During the concert, I remember holding my breath each time they started playing a new song… and I almost burst into tears when I heard the intro LIVE. Yeah, I love this song that much. I had my eyes closed pretty much the whole of this song, just letting myself get carried by the music and Yong Hwa’s voice. This song is so so so much better live, Yong Hwa’s raspy voice grabs hold of you and drags you into his world, and Jong Hyun’s guitar solo made my heart ache literally. It was only when I watched the fancams when I also saw what I heard and felt, a damn (sorry for cussing! can’t help it!) sexy YH fully immersed in this song together with the rest of the band.

    There are so many sides to this boy…. and he is only just revealing them to us, bit by bit.

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