[Trans] Trendy no.33 ~ CNBLUE interview

Taiwan magazine TRENDY no.33 – CNBLUE on cover. Bluestorm Taipei report and interview. Check out scans shared by @kof1_ (tweets 1, 2, 3)

My translation of the interview as follows. (Dating 1 is the concert report. I think the pics say it all. Excuse my being lazy.)

Dating 2
Taiwanese flavor afternoon tea with CNBLUE

CNBLUE gathered fame instantly after debut and has been flying around, bringing their own music to various places of the world. After more than one year, with great anticipation from local fans, CNBLUE finally comes to Taiwan again with a concert.

Exclusive interview with CNBLUE in Taiwan
In order to have the best performance in the concert, CNBLUE will be spending most of their time staying in Taiwan this time for the rehearsal. They arrange only the short slot of time right after their arrival for a join interview with the press and this exclusive TRENDY interview. It is such a valuable opportunity, TRENDY obviously treats CNBLUE well on behave of all Taiwan fans! That’s why we prepare famous Taiwan snacks for the four members to taste our “Taiwan” flavor. And they surely need energy for the rehearsal after the interview!
That’s how the CNBLUE date happily begins, amid food aromas and the boys’ saying “delicious” and all.

Taiwan concert with a special meaning
It’s more than a year that CNBLUE visits Taiwan again, and it’s the first time they hold a big full concert. They talk about how they feel.
“It’s been long that we come to Taiwan again. But we had such great memories from our encounter with fans that all the four of us anticipate this concert so earnestly. We don’t say this just because we’re in Taiwan now, nor because it’s the right thing to say. We really feel this way.” Yonghwa said with a sincere face.
Jungshin, “We haven’t come for so long. But right after we left the plane, we felt the enthusiastic welcome by fans. So warm and so touching.”
Yonghwa, “Taiwan really means special when it comes to concerts.” Minhyuk and Jonghyun nod hearing that.

Taiwan is the most dreamy concert stop to Yonghwa
Talking about concerts, TRENDY is curious and asks CNBLUE what concert venues they think are most dreamy.
Yonghwa: Taiwan! The place that left me dreamy and great memories. Taiwan fans are all very straight forward and enthusiastic giving us responses. This is just too difficult to explain in words … To us the performers on stage, such encouragement is a big source of energy.
“I want to have concerts in all kinds of ‘domes’.” Jonghyun reveals it’s until lately that he realizes there are these dome-shaped concert places all over the world. He really likes to challenge a “dome tour”. Jungshin wants to have a big open concert in the country side, while Minhyuk says he hopes to perform in special venues all over the world. Yonghwa can’t help but teases his naughty dongsengs, “Amazon forest concert seems a good idea for you two.” Jonghyun adds to the teasing, “The audience are crocodiles and wild animals.” Everybody just laughs out loud.

Jungshin keeps growing taller, a crisis?!
It’s 2 years since CNBLUE’s official debut and they’ve become a super popular band in Asia. One sees changes in the ways they perform on stage as well as their appearances. When asked about what they think about all these changes, all four say their inside has changed; they are more mature and calm about things and the best is they enjoy their own stages more and more. But what about the individual members’ changes?
Minhyuk: Maybe it’s because we see each other every day. I don’t feel any big changes.
“Oh~ Jungshin’s hair is longer.” Jonghun says with a smile, like he suddenly remembers. Jungshin seems so happy with his long-hair look and responds with a satisfying smile. Yonghwa adds, “And Jungshin has grown another 1.5cm.”
TRENDY remembers in a past interview with CNBLUE, Yonghwa joked that if Jungshin continued to grow and exceed 190cm, he’d leave CNBLUE and go play basketball.
“Right. This is still valid. So we have a crisis in the band.” Yonghwa’s pulls a straight leader’s face saying that. But the others react to his seriousness with big laughs.

Chinese vs Korean food
Among the Taiwan snacks that TRENDY has prepared, Yonghwa likes I-Lan’s 三星蔥蛋捲 most (http://twitpic.com/8w6qze/full). Minhuk’s favorites are Taiwan style deep-fried chicken and papaya milk. Jungshin likes iron egg (http://twitpic.com/8w6txx/full), for its special appearance, sweet aroma and special texture. Jonghyun is so busy putting fried rice noodles to his mouth to tell his choice. Yonghwa laughs out loud and answers for him, “Jongshyun can’t stop eating that, so you know his favorite.”
CNBLUE recommends Korean food too. Minhyuk says there are all sorts of kimchi in Korea; every single kimchi worths a try. Jonghyun and Yonghwa name rice in pork soup, from their hometown Busan. Jungshin’s recommendation is knife-pared noodles (刀削麵) from Ilsan. (Food pics shared by @FayeNuna)

Jonghyun aspires to be in action movies
Other than their outstanding achievements in music, CNBLUE members have been showing off their acting skills too. I ask what roles they would pick if they have the opportunity to be someone totally different from their real selves. Jungshyin thinks seriously and replied, “A very masculine and heroic character!” Yonghwa, who’s been a leading actor in a drama says he wants a role who’s a lively and bright personality. As for Minhyuk who’s been in couple of dramas, he just wants all opportunities to do interesting roles. “I want the challenge of an action movie. It would be so cool to be an action movie actor.” Jonghyun who replies last looks so serious. Then Jungshin who sits next to him pats his shoulder, supporting his choice. Jonghyun, the action movie actor, we are so looking forward to your next movie!

CNBLUE members’ fight for the title of best boyfriend
Valentine’s Day is just over and White Day in March is around the corner, so comes the hot topic “The best boyfriend in CNBLUE”. The bickering and all is so unexpected.
Yonghwa replies without second thought, “I think I’m the best boyfriend. Because I understand myself very well, I will pour my whole heart to the girl I like.”
Minhyuk seems hesitant, for he first picks Yonghwa but changes his mind right away and says Jungshin. Yonghwa protests, “Why you changed? Now I feel so embarrassed.”
“Actually I think I would never choose myself, others just seem better than me.” Minhyuk doesn’t mean bad, but his saying that embarrasses Yonghwa even more. Yonghwa can’t help complaining more.
Jonghyun said with some serious thinking, “I also think everybody else is better than me.” This makes Yonghwa feel angry and laugh at the same time, “How come now I feel like needing to agree with you two?”
“I think I’m the best. Because I know myself very well too!” One should never underestimate Jungshin. So they don’t have a consensus on this matter. But I guess fans have their own answers already!

Young Minhyuk thinks about marriage already?
The best boyfriend topic is followed inevitably by the following. What’s the ideal type of girls for individual CNBLUE members?
All four have the same criteria of pretty eyes and a kind heart. Besides these, Jungshin likes a girl who is kind and respectful to parents; Yonghwa likes someone whom he can really talk with; Jonghyun likes a girl who’s understanding and caring; Minhyuk says an ideal girl is someone with the conditions of a good wife. Hearing Minhyuk’s answer, Yonghwa almost shouts, “You’re too young to talk about good wife. Isn’t it too early to think about marriage now? Work hard for some years before you even mention that!” He talks really like an uncle, no, I mean a big brother.

After the interview
My happy time with CNBLUE, the two hours passed like someone’s stolen it to make cotton candies. (The saying means sweet time passes quickly.) Time flied and even Yonghwa asked, “How come it feels like we’ve just talked for a while and it comes to end already?” TRENDY had the exactly same sentiment! You readers too?!
Since TRENDY first interviewed CNBLUE on their debut day, these boys have been doing miracles with time. They just make time disappear. Even though they are now superstars of a super popular band, their smiles, their pureness, and the flickers in their bright eyes haven’t changed a bit. Their sincere attitude and zero distance remain the same. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why CNBLUE gain super popularity!
Don’t you miss CNBLUE already, just like TRENDY? I think they will come to Taiwan to see us soon. Let’s anticipate together.

White Day presents from CNBLUE
As White Day treats to TRENDY readers, we ask CNBLUE to make these special presents. And they are the world’s only ones, super valuable presents!

Hearing that they need to be creative preparing these White Day presents, all four CNBLUE members feel so excited. Seeing the four serious faces, people who don’t know will think they are watching some competitive drawing competition!
Yonghwa says with a smile and full confidence, “Being creative is just me! Though I’m better at music now, I once came first in a drawing competition when I was little!” Minhyuk who sits next to him responds, “Everybody has been the first in drawing competitions when small.” Hearing Minhyuk’s teasing, Jungshin and Jonghyun smile.

After some thought, Minhyuk decides his theme for his creative present. Taiwan’s 101 Building, his favorite tourist attraction of Taiwan. Before he starts drawing, he makes sure he gets the shape of the building right. We can see a side of Minhyuk’s character from this.

Jonghyun just keeps drawing and haven’t said anything at all. But nobody has a clue what he’s drawing. TRENDY even thinks he’s doing Picasso style, but then Jonghyun asks a staff member to get him his cell phone. See how he stares at some photo on his phone, cutely pouting? Why’s he looking for a photo? What’s he working on? Everybody’s just too curious!

Yonghwa decides from the right beginning that he’ll draw a brain map, something he always draw and is good at. He’s so confident, his movements so straight forward with zero hesitance. And he uses bright and contrasting colors. He even casually talks while drawing. The leader is really talented in drawing!

As his design is mistaken to be Sponge Bob, Jungshin can’t help but explains his artwork. It happens Jungshin likes Edward Munch’s paintings a lot, so his design theme is “Munch in 2012”. If you’ve seen Munch’s most famous painting “Scream”, I think you’d agree Jungshin’s work has the essence of the master’s style.

In no time, CNBLUE members’ presents are almost done. Jonghyun checks with the photo in this cell phone again.

The theme of Jungshin’s present is “Munch in 2012”. Receiving such a unique and artistic present on White Day, one’s pressures should go away!

Clever readers will get it right away that Yonghwa just loves Taiwan lots! Yonghwa has said in the interview that Taiwan means special to CNBLUE. He means what he says. This present which is so full of feeling is just plain unique. For Yonghwa himself admits, “I don’t think I can draw another one, won’t be the same!”

Jonghyun’s Picasso puzzle is solved, when he shows us the finished present. Jonghyun is no Picasso, he’s doing realistic. He draws the exact picture of his favorite guitar. It’s his love, and he’s giving away his love as present. The sweet present filled with Jonghyun’s sweet love is finally done!

The ones who will receive these exclusive and unique presents from CNBLUE on White Day will surely be super touched and insanely happy. Think they will treasure them like family heritage! Who wants to get these valuable and special presents? Look out for the how-to from the special column on treats to readers.

7 thoughts on “[Trans] Trendy no.33 ~ CNBLUE interview

  1. wow!!! this interview is really interesting!! I need more interviews like this in Korea. Thank you for the translation!!

  2. Concert at the Amazon Forest… with crocodiles and wide animals as audience……

    I would love to tie Yonghwa and Jonghyun together and put them in my pocket.
    LOLOLOL poor maknaes. bully harabojis. XDDDDD

  3. Trendy interviews are just getting better and better. I super love this interview/article. The writer is so good at describing the atmosphere, their interactions with each other, their expressions… and her (am assuming it’s a she) reaction to all this. I had so many laugh-out-loud moments in this interview – Yong Hwa ‘bragging’ about his art competition win and Min Hyuk’s gentle put down, Yong Hwa ‘bragging’ that he’s the best boyfriend (you can tell he must really be comfortable during the interview), the fact that Jong Hyun has a picture of his guitar in his phone (well, not surprised but still so cute), the fact that Jung Shin likes Munch… so much cuteness!

    Thank you always for translating! I hope there’ll be many many more Trendy interviews for you to translate in the future… teehee…

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