Warning: beware of adverb overuse! Bad grammar too.

Dangerously sexy. Adorably cute.

Wildly energetic. Heartachingly quiet.

He seems so confident on stage and on TV programs. But he revealed in an interview he feels insecure all the time. Random pics and random thoughts. Wonder if you know what I mean …

Yonghwa. A paradox.

4 thoughts on “paradox

  1. I’ve been thinking… Chameleon is too mundane a word to describe Yong Hwa. I much prefer your use of the word paradox as it suggests that there is so much more than that meets the eye when it comes to this boy, rather than a reptile that has the ability to blend into his surroundings. Because our boy doesn’t just blend, he creates his own color chart….

    • I agree with you. He is so much more than meets the eye. But what is more admirable is that, he doesn’t even have to try so hard to stand out. CNBLUE members are one of the simplest, laid-back K-pop idols of their age that I know. While everybody else try so hard to stand out in the overcrowded world of K-pop, here is a young man, who doesn’t even try so hard yet he, just by being himself, stands out.

    • couldn’t agree more with both of you.
      Sometimes, I’ve been thinking what word I suppose to use to describe this guy. He just too adorable.
      People can easily grab the charisma of him, just simple as he is just being himself. But, he always say that he needs to work harder to be better.
      This is the thing that make him to be more adorable.

  2. i love what you said about yong hwa, because i’m also think yong hwa like that . He is the most incredible human , he can blend well with any other people . either a halmoni (grandma) in taiwan fans meeting , or just a kindergarten kid in japan tv or in fansmeeting first step album. i’m very adorable this man because even his popular but his still humble ( but maybe it’s just my bias). And i dont like everyone who make bad statement about him when everything his doing is for his band popularity.

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