a privilege to have such heartaches

Hey you! How’re things going?

I read the English translation of “In My Head” Korean lyrics. I cried. That’s some poetic lyrics, and very powerful words too. Did you cry writing those words? You composed the song right after your Korean debut, when CNBLUE was unfairly criticized and all. Did I tell you it’s becoming my favorite among the “CNBLUE songs”? I heard your name is listed as one of the lyricists of the song at Japan Copyright Association. You wrote English/Korean for the Japanese lyricist to translate or communicated with him? I ain’t surprised a bit that when you wrote in your native language, the words sound so much more powerful. But why do I sense more despair compared to the Japanese lyrics? When did you write the Korean lyrics? Don’t tell me you still feel very frustrated after two whole years. Though I suspect you think you aren’t as free as you want to be. I’m in panic now thinking you’d be asked why all CNBLUE songs sound the same on TV shows. Again. Will they embarrass you by mentioning those mean words? “If CNBLUE … flies are birds.” My bad. I shouldn’t have mentioned them myself.

But the other three songs just make me smile! Don’t laugh, I actually did a little dance listening to “Rock n’Roll”. And yet they are so different. How did you do that? Guess it’s as natural as breathing to you. I so want to tell you how I like each of them, but I need to listen to the songs more. Guess you won’t have the patience to read my thoughts anyways. Maybe next time?

I owe you some words on “Still In Love” however. I had very complicated feelings watching the MV the day it’s out. Basically, heartaches all over me. It’s until the last few days that I watched the MV again and listened to the song more often. It’s a sad song but there are other reasons. Thank you, for writing “Still In Love”. I capped from the MV and made a computer wallpaper. This.

I wonder if fans who are too busy to make their own will think they aren’t too bad and want them. | 1280×800 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1080 |

And a very beautiful gif. Not praising my skill. Me praising you!

Please don’t be bothered that I say I have heartaches. For I actually feel it’s a privilege, considering how utterly unprecedented you are.

8 thoughts on “a privilege to have such heartaches

  1. I’m so touched reading this post..you’re such an awesome fan! 🙂 I’m your regular lurker of this blog..i love and enjoy all your writings (esp since i’m yonghwa’s bias).Hehe! Thank you for sharing this, I’m glad that Yonghwa is listed as one of the lyricists of the song at Japan Copyright Association.

  2. I’m so touched. Honestly i’m worried about it too but once again…time, talent and hardworks will prove that cnblue is one of korean music industy’s treasures. I’m so sorry for my english,keke
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. you are so great
    and yes i feel the same way but i do think he gets power from his fans all cnblue gets
    the power from boice i noticed he was happy during shows after the comeback
    he was probably worrying too much cause of the timing and maybe he was stressing
    remembering what you said. a lot of people where unjust towards cnblue and should apologies to them maybe one day this will happen
    thank you 🙂

  4. it’s so emotional to read your articles…
    i have also read comments like songs are no difference at all , with similar tactics….etc..
    yet, i am not sure …
    to me, almost all songs are CNBLUE’s in my mobile and PC, i can certainly find the impressive part from each of them,
    also, knowing the meaning behind the songs and why they composed in this way, can further give me another perception.
    indeed, i do love all the songs in EAR FUN, without doubt!!!and “Feeling” in the last mini album!
    i found they are gona to be more diverse, and i can get clear msg from each songs…
    like “dream boys”, i decided not to read the lyrics but just enjoy , wonderfully, a pic with bright sunshine appears in my mind..
    “feeling” and “still in love” are very touching, even these two have distinct styles, but i found serious heartaches in both….
    esp for “still in love”, no matter how lively the melody is,it can hardly hidden the heartbroken pain inside.

    knowing yong’s persistence in producing their own music with “true” CNBLUE’s style, i am fairly glad that he is so clear that he has a dream and he is at any time pursuing it.
    even risky ,even not in kpop’s favor, he decided to go ahead!
    that’s JUNG YONG HWA.
    the musician who deserved to be appreciated and be loved.

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