You. Are. Strong.

I am so sorry, we are not strong enough …

Yonghwa apologized to fans at the Apr 8 Kwanghwamoon fansign for the Inkigayo pre-recording cancellation. I don’t think a single fan blames CNBLUE but Yonghwa thinks it has something to do with their not being strong enough. A fan said his words break her heart. I feel the same.

Yonghwa needs to know I (and many other fans, I’m sure) think he’s very strong and also brave. I hope you have watched the KBS Sketchbook show in which Yonghwa reveals his “confrontation” with Mr. Han. And you totally need to know a big chunk of the talk was deleted for the airing. Read the transcript translation of the recording audio to see how that “confrontation” event was diluted for TV. And my heart broke again when the uninformed accused Yonghwa for giving up on his own music being not strong enough! God, everybody needs to know how brave he was confronting the company CEO like that. And please understand Yonghwa isn’t fighting just for himself; he’s fighting for his bandmates too. I’m sure all the four of them wanted to fight, or Yonghwa wouldn’t have fought.

Yesterday there was news about Yonghwa getting 2 months of break (from official schedules, finally!) after Ear Fun promotion. But there’s also an article quoting the company spokesperson that the break isn’t “official”. I never understand that company, nor I take their words too seriously. But I have high hopes for the next album. CNBLUE singing the champion song which is self-composed will be so much more exciting than the following. They won MCD #1 with “Hey You” on Apr 5. I screen-recorded the encore video from global.mnet. | MF download.|

5 thoughts on “You. Are. Strong.

  1. Somehow, I think YongHwa is a kind of person who’ll blame himself as a thing ain’t run well. I found this happens to people who is perfectionist, they will put a high effort to make thing comes perfect. I’m not so sure, whether he is a perfectionist one or not. But, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like thing comes to fail.

    I feel the same as you, knowing he blames himself for something which is not entirely his mistake nor the other members’ causes me feel the heartache.
    Yes, I have read the translation of the talks on that Sketchbook program. Knowing that him being upset at the CEO got me surprised. That’s a fact that we never knew before, for the boys might have been in a hard situation to convince the management for them release their own songs which contain the true color of their. Then, Yonghwa goes to have a talking man to man with the CEO discussed about that directly. He did it well, yes he did it not only for himself but for other members too.
    No, no he’ll never give up on their music. I have a faith with that.

  2. His strength is in knowing when to stay silent and knowing when to speak up.
    His strength is knowing when to bite the bullet and knowing when to say enough is enough.
    And his strength is in knowing that he has fans like us who believe in him and who will support his dreams no matter what.

    Beautiful post again, klaritia, this and your previous post on In My Head – your words have a way of conveying all my emotions so well… Thanks again for your lovely blog. It’s always comforting to know that I have a kindred spirit out in you when it comes to all matters regarding Yong Hwa… 🙂

    • Too glad that my raw words bring out such thoughtful and intelligent words from you. You describe Yonghwa’s strength so much better.
      Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for writing all the descriptive words … so well said … you guys really have strong writing skills … I can only agree with my feelings … i wish i can express how i feel better… i wish for them to have their own music .. to compose every songs in their album … i want to see in the album crediting under “Produced by : CNBLUE (Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin)” . I am waiting for this day… I see their potential and so I will wait…

  4. Klaritia, this is 1st time I left my words here. Thks alot for all of your emotion and your love to our Yong Hwa. Sometimes I wonder if he had ever known his image in our minds, however, I hope that I would join yr blog and we can going on with keeping “Yong Hwa’ spirit” in our life for such a long long time onward:D

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