Tree. Guitar. Lee Shin. [2.0]

Since when you visited my blog? I had most visitors during Heartstrings broadcast days. But I’d been crazily posting whenever a teaser pic or video came out. Am pretty proud of my HS posts. Tell me your favorite one? I have one in mind which I think is a total masterpiece (not any of those long recaps) and want to know if you like it as much as I do. Narcissistic? Sorry!

Literally screamed when the first teaser came out and posted Tree. Guitar. Lee Shin. couple of hours later. Today I recycle that title for I’m sharing the making film of that particular teaser. Ripped it from HS blu-ray (Jp release).

There are only Jap subs that I don’t read. Nor do I understand Korean. But it’s my way to support “Yonghwa’s drama”. Yonghwa/Lee Shin is everywhere in the “Special Features” videos, 4 whole extra discs in the first press edition, and there are special features in disc 4 of each box too.

I may cut some more clips and post them around, just as “teasers”. Please don’t re-upload to streaming sites. MF folder to download the 1920×1080 mkv file. Don’t know why it isn’t playing well on many players but only Daum Potplayer. Maybe it’s the way I trimmed it. Hope your players can play it. I’ll research on better ways to cut the vids.

I uploaded the full video instead. The BTS of teaser 2 included. But the file is huge for a less than 6-min clip. 😉

Edited on Apr 27: converted it to 1080 avi (408M). MF folder. 😉

I make you freaking miss Lee Shin? Or Jung Yong Hwa, the actor!

6 thoughts on “Tree. Guitar. Lee Shin. [2.0]

  1. >__< i miss both! i'm starting visit ur blog oftenly when HS being aired. i always love ur posts about HS.. but sorry i rarely leave a comment 😛 thank you so much for the "teasers".. ^^

  2. Thank you for sharing. JP ver is always so wonderful.
    Miss Lee shin a lot coz we can see YH on TV within this month ^_^.
    Hope you share more about HS BTS, please….

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