Once I read an article about internet browsing behavior. The writer says people tend to focus on comments disagreeing with themselves rather than agreeing. Perhaps that’s my problem too. But hearing only what you want to hear is self-deceiving? So everybody needs to go for a balance, I guess.

I’ve heard enough people bad-mouthing Heartstrings. But I’m glad that Yonghwa seemed to enjoy the filming irrespective of all the difficulties he faced doing the drama. I read kind fans translating reports by filming crew members, as well as accounts by fans who visited the sets or just happened to see them film outdoor scenes. The common theme is: Yonghwa worked hard, had a very positive attitude, and was the cheerful soul throughout. Fans might be biased but filming crew members too? I heard the PD said good things about Yonghwa in the Japanese Guidebook when interviewed. Too bad I don’t see English or Chinese translations around. The next best thing is watching some filming BTS videos. He greets everybody arriving at the set, chats happily with co-workers waiting for his turn … after the last filming is done, he goes hug everyone.

Yonghwa, you don’t have to say it, many have fallen for you!

I don’t mean I want to influence anybody by praising Yonghwa all this time. Don’t think I have the ability. The talking just completes the enjoyment of watching this young and talented artist grow. He’s such an exciting person. A good person too. Don’t quite understand why he’s most bashed (compared to his bandmates).

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  1. Hopefully Yonghwa took the criticism and turns it into something great. That’s what he has done with his music, he keep showing us a great deal of progression and professionalism. Don’t worry, I believe that he’s a star that the world should keep an eye on. Some people may dislike him, but he surely has more people loving him ^ ^
    Thanks for posting ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I agree with you, i simply don’t get why he get’s bashed the most …even within his own fans “Boice”, like it happened a few week ago, he has a beautiful personality and doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment…but as people say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  3. Hi Klaritia, Hi fellow boices…
    I’m new here (well, not a new reader but this is my first time posting a comment here)
    It’s always soothing reading your posts after hearing (or reading) some people degrading yonghwa’s work..
    I’m curious though, what’s the reason this time those boices bashed him?
    Sorry, I’m so left behind..

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      I didn’t post this in response to any particular “incident”.
      And I’m politely requesting you and everybody not to ask. I don’t want to know neither.

      PS Don’t want to cause any misunderstanding among fans.

      PPS Don’t mean to sound rude. Hope you don’t feel offended.

      • Oops..I’m so sorry for posting such inconvenient question..
        Won’t do it again next time.. ^-^

  4. I completely agree with you. I’ve also read some bad comments about Heartstrings, but I really like that drama. It may not be the best one out there, but its one that I don’t get tired of re-watching. And I really think Yong Hwa worked hard on his acting skills. I mean I’ve watched it many times, and a lot of the times I actually watch it without subtitles and focus solely on the acting. Yong Hwa, not having that much experience in this profession, does an extremely good job at displaying his emotions without even having to utter a single word. There are just so many scenes which I can give as an example, but there’s one in particular that I love. Its the scene when Lee Gyu Won is waiting outside his door to give him the album and Lee Shin appears out of focus in the background. Once it focuses on him, you can just see all the emotions written all over his face. When earlier he had appeared to be doing fine without Lee Gyu Won, but then all of a sudden he sees her again and that protective wall he had built came tumbling down by her mere presence. Those sad eyes when he tells her to go back home and walks away, to then seeing him break down to tears on his bed, its so heartbreakingly beautiful….
    If that’s not a good actor, then I don’t know what is.

    To me Yong Hwa is just one of the most talented guys I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand how some so called fans can say hurtful things about him. I can only assume because they might be upset how he may get all the attention since he’s the leader of CN Blue, but to be fair he was the face of CN Blue when they first appeared on the scene. His company made him do all kinds of variety shows, be an MC for a music show and be on constant promotion everywhere since they debuted. The fact that he’s finally getting a 2 month break has some fans all riled up is insane. I think the man has worked hard enough to deserve some time off. I’m not saying the other members don’t deserve time off, but when you look back at their schedule’s, Yong Hwa had to endure a lot more sleepless nights then the other members. I recall the interview from ‘Soundplex’ last year where Min Hyuk even mentioned how he felt guilty going to bed while Yong Hwa was still out doing his scheduled work. And Jung Shin leaving something on Yong Hwa’s desk to overcome fatigue, clearly shows that he had many nights where he was out working late. They also mentioned how he was the first one to leave in the morning and the last one to get home and yet he still found the time to work on creating music. But as Yong Hwa himself said during that same interview, there were many times when he didn’t want to smile but he had to. He said doing all these variety shows was very tiring, but as long as it benefited getting CN Blue’s name out there, it was worth it.

    Which is the reason why I really admire this guy. He’s a talented musician who works hard in everything he does and continues to persevere no matter what criticism comes his way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I can’t wait for summer break to come. Try to finish final exam and have time for Heartstrings ^^ Although I’ve just watched some cuts from the movie, I get caught and wonder why it has a low rating. T_T
    Something that bothers me all the time is how come CNBlueโ€™s videos donโ€™t get many viewers although everything about them is so awsome T_T. Maybe those videos are not translated to English, but even the Eng sub ones don’t have that many. I’m so surprised that Twinkle- TaeTiSeo gets a lot of viewers on youtube after a few days while CNBlue’s songs didn’t… I know they have different style, I know my comparison is weird, but I feel…. Unfairrrrrrrrr

  6. I am a little confused by the comparison myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ That group is a girl group “singing” pop songs and has been out for six or more years. In other words nothing at all like CN Blue!
    By the way a lot of their youtube videos are in the millions and they just debuted 2 years ago. If we compare them to the groups that debuted with them and to even some established male pop groups CN Blue has done what none of them have. I predict that even though it may look to some that they have started off slow CN Blue will be around for way longer than most.

    • Like I said, every group has their own style, but I hope our boys get more concern and reputation. They deserve more than what they have right now ^^

  7. i guess I am a glass half full CNblue fan rather than a worried one. I think we haven’t seen their best yet and I really believe that they will get all the praise and status that they deserve. They have already done so much more than a lot of groups can’t really compare to them and very few equal them and only a handful have out done them. CN Blue FTW!!!

  8. I love Heartstrings, especially the OST and Because I Miss You. Yong Hwa is very talented and I am confident he will go a long way. His positive attitude will help him overcome all the difficulties he has to face or will be facing, and he will grow stronger. This is already evident in his progression since his debut.

    BTW, love your posts for which I just discovered today!

  9. when people can’t find any mistakes in what you are doing and how successful you are living your life without stomping on someone nor hurting others, they tend to bashed you as to get even with you being almost perfect though I may say Yong hwa is truly a Perfect man and totally a capable man in every sense of the word…

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