Guy fans?

Any guys from your real life acquaintance actually like CNBLUE?

I know one, maybe not a “fan” yet. But he likes them enough to use their songs as phone ringtones. The best thing is, he’s an amateur guitarist. And he sings.

One of my online friends told a story some months ago. She’s in the middle of a meeting at work. Suddenly her boss’s phone rang. A CNBLUE song. She literally jumped up from her chair. I mean her boss is a man.

I’m happy that CNBLUE has had opportunities to perform in front of male music fans. As Linkn Park concert opening guest. Appeared in Countdown Japan and some other rock music festivals in Japan. I wonder if they have gained some guy fans, if not many.

I won’t use the adjective “handsome” to describe Yonghwa in the above two caps from CDJ tv broadcast. Without the idol uniforms, makeup and hair styling, I hope male audience can put aside their prejudice and listen to CNBLUE. They do have the music hearts.

Can you picture the following? A heavy leather biker guy with tattoos bumps into CNBLUE and says, “Oh, man, let me tell you my favorite song … ” My dream. Their dream too?

PS I added some coloring for the above caps. In case you you prefer original colors.

11 thoughts on “Guy fans?

  1. Couple days before, I just realized that my friend, his a guy and he loves cnblue 🙂 Before, I thought he might only know about cnblue not the one who even asked when will cnblue come to my country and hold their live concert here. Then I directly by any chance he is one of cnblue fans? and he say yes. I was sooo happy to finally know there’s a guy who know them and being fan of them. Last sunday, my friend told me that cnblue has other guy fans. She even showed me picture of fanbase on particular city in Indonesia, on that picture there are 4 persons holding a banner “Listen to The CNBLUE” and 3 out of 4 are guys!! I can’t help my self to not smile widely. She added, there are significant numbers of guy who join the fanbase 🙂

  2. I did meet a young African American lad with his face full of piercings at the joint FTI-CNB LA concert. We were in line to get into the concert theatre so we struck up a conversation. When I asked him if he was there for FTI or CNB, he said both (called himself a kpop lover). Poor guy seemed rather over whelmed by the number of Asian females surrounding him (since that is still, sadly, the main demographic of CNBLUE/FTI fans). I’m sure he had an amazing time during the concert (they rocked!) and I hope that it turned him into a solid CNBLUE fan.

    I also made my singer-songwriter friend listen to CNBLUE’s music – he had no choice, I was giving him a ride in my car so he was my captive audience ^^ and despite his initial misgivings when he saw their photo in the album (he was like “you want me to listen to a Korean pretty boy band?”), I ended up having to park my car so that he could finish the songs. He especially liked Jong Hyun’s ballads since his own music is more acoustic folk. And when I met him again a couple of weeks ago after more than half a year, he asked me how the band was doing and muttered/admitted that they were pretty good… 🙂

    I agree with you that our boys need to lose more of their prettiness to appeal to the guys. I love them best when they’re in their casual t-shirt and jeans. And maybe for Yong Hwa these days, just a simple tank top… heh heh…

  3. “I hope male audience can put aside their prejudice and listen to CNBLUE. They do have the music hearts.” <– like this …. my wish list too … though I know more effort is needed … however, that does not mean female fans arent going after their music ….

  4. well my Brother is the one that introduces me to CNBLUE not the other way around,.He falls asleep listening to CNBLUE’s music,,Cnblue is not just a pretty boy band,.They are the real thing,.They may happen to have good looks but their music is equally good as well,.They write and composed their own songs and that makes them even more fascinating,.People should listen to their music through their hearts not through their eyes, in that way, they will know how awesome CNBLUE is,.

  5. well the idea of “kpop” irks my brother but usually when i play cnblue songs (which i always do) he doesnt mention that he hate it, he never told me to stop it or change the music. he even watch their mtv unplugged and gives my brother “thumbs up look” plus he is a big big fan of yonghwa in running man. keep asking me if he will guess again. i dont have other people i know that like cnblue but changmin of dbsk is sure is a fan of the boys! and for some forums with the topic of male fans, big bang, ftisland and cnblue is always on the list.

    • i mean guest not guess, sorry for the wrong spelling. oh by the way their tattoo performance in you and i show, makes me feel that they have gain more male fans there looking at the expressions of the male audiences there when they head banging at the end. look at the very end, the male audience there claps so hard to the end of performance

  6. funny last night, i was surprised by my brother while cooking, he sings “love love love! everybody clap clap clap!” hahahha

  7. Well my nephew thinks that their music is not bad….maybe not quite fans yet but at least the reaction is in the right direction.

  8. Oenni, usually every night in my office when we ot, i always plays CNblue. At first all of my friends always complaint, they always said… oh no kpop… but when they listen the CNBLUE … especially in my head, where u r n finally TIO… they said … may i copy it….

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