i ain’t happy either

Fact 1: Yonghwa is the producer, composer and co-singer of one of Juniel’s debut album songs.

Fact 2: In the “leaked” teaser, just Yonghwa and no Juniel’s face. (But the few secs of duet sounds good to me. Sweet. Harmony.)

I can totally understand Juniel fans’ concern. They don’t like how the debut album marketing is going.

As a Yonghwa fan, I am not exactly happy either. If you care to understand what I feel …

If Yonghwa is to debut as a producer, why the heck isn’t he producing a CNBLUE album? While he wasn’t even “allowed” to use his composition for a Korean album title track. Ridiculous much?

The MV teaser looks so great already. The motion picture quality cinematography (I mean the scenery and camera angles, not Yonghwa’s shoulders and arms. ;)) is so so refreshing and breath taking. Why can’t we have this kind of CNBLUE MVs? I am totally jealous.

Tell me if my reasons for being unhappy is legit.

If Yonghwa has no problem with his being “used”, but is happy to do all those, I am fine. Even proud.

18 thoughts on “i ain’t happy either

  1. Yup I’m not that happy after I watched the teaser. Just like others, I thought is it supposed to be Juniel’s debut rite?
    I feel slightly unhappy by thinking the negative response towards this that might be appeared T_T. Whether they think YH is too greedy, who not only contribute by being producer, write the lyrics but even the MV looks like it’s for him. Or people might doubting Juniel’s talents. Well those are only my thougt. Hopefully there will be no such things will happened.

  2. “If Yonghwa is to debut as a producer, why the heck isn’t he producing a CNBLUE album? While he wasn’t even “allowed” to use his composition for a Korean album title track. Ridiculous much?”

    Agree with you…if i have a magic, i want to have an ability to read President Han’s mind…

  3. Hi there, please allow me to write in Juniel’s fan point of view. No hard feelings ^^

    I’m interested in Juniel since her indie days in Japan and I know that she is really talented in singing, playing guitar, and composing. All of her songs in Japan (both indie and major) are her own composition. Of course, I’m disappointed when I heard that the title track for her Korean debut is not hers and moreover there’s only minimum publication under her own name. I understand it’s for marketing strategy and it’s kinda impossible to make it big at once under her own name – but yes I’m selfish, and as a fan, I’m disappointed when the attention is not directed at her.

    It’s not about Yonghwa, even if the producer is Lee Jonghyun, Lee Hongki, or maybe Choi Jonghun, the feeling will be the same. So, it’s not because he is Yonghwa as a person, it’s because it’s not Juniel.

    When Boice (including me) were angry at KDH/HSH for snatching the title track (again) for Ear Fun album – and we know how talented CNBLUE is. It’s exactly the same kind of feeling.

    And not all of Juniel fans are Boice so maybe they don’t know the situation.

    Cheers ^^

    • Yes, I can totally relate to what your frustrations and I appreciate that you’ve worded your comment very diplomatically. We both admire truly talented people who we feel can stand on their own based on their musical merits. We do know however that they are in an industry where often times the right publicity trumps actual talent.

      In Yong Hwa’s case, he was very fortunate to have acted in You’re Beautiful which was crazy popular as that put his name and CNBLUE’s name out there. That was the only reason I checked out their music but it was the discovery of how talented YH actually is musically that got me hooked.

      Given how competitive the music scene is for solo female artists currently (with Ailee and IU’s crazy level of popularity), Yong Hwa is clearly being used as a publicity stunt to get more attention on her debut. Whether this will work remains to be seen, but I certainly hope that Juniel will have a successful debut so that she will have more opportunities to display her true talents.

  4. I love every word you wrote, so true…i sometimes feel FNC is cheap with CNBLUE’s MV’s, i hope we get one MV like this one for CNBLUE’s next comeback U.U

  5. Thank you so much for this post.

    I was infuriated today when I read some “CNBLUE fan”s’ negative comments about YH’s appearance in the MV. Some teased his muscles, some were mad at him for stealing the thunder from Juniel. I couldn’t believe myself–I understand if they are Juniel’s fans only, but how could you call yourself a CNBLUE fan while saying such mean things about YH?

    What’s even sadder is that in reality, all the supposed “limelight” that YH seem to be getting are just online articles that got published. It doesn’t mean that it got much readership. In fact, most people don’t even know that YH composes songs, no matter how many articles seem to be flooding the Korean media. It’s because we search for CNBLUE-related news that we always read them. Most general public doesn’t give a damn. They’re written off as a pretty-face idol band. He’s still being treated like any other idol, who is noticed more for superficial characteristics like his height or his face ratios.

    Still, that idol status makes people interested in YH for whatever shallow reasons, thus FNC has decided that such attention would benefit Juniel’s promotion. It really enrages me that YH wasn’t given a “proper” chance to showcase his true talent through CNBLUE first, giving plenty to gnaw for the antis. Are we YH fans blindly happy about this awkward “producer” label? NO! We have a better sense of shame than a certain entertainment company. It’s more than apparent that he’s being blatantly used as a publicity stunt.

    But at least, YH did compose, direct, and partly sing Juniel’s song like you mentioned. This is a fact that no one can take away. I think it would be one of the better reflections of his talent compared to starring in variety shows that make a cow lick his head. He also happens to be an actor with two miniseries under his belt. Is it such a fuss to make, for a self-proclaimed CNBLUE fan, that he stars in the MV?…

    Why fans of other CNBLUE members would resort to bashing YH is out of bounds for me. Especially since the more-than-enough “recognition” that they think YH already receives is still quite laughable to most serious music listeners. He deserves much better, and really, not this kind of sickening mockery from people who call themselves “fans”.

    • You and Klaritia basically sums up everything that i felt.
      Is it just me or people are bashing on JYH over and over again.
      First it was the statement that he made that he’ll composes all the songs in their new album and now this MV.

      can’t people leave him alone?

    • I totally agree with you, It bothers me big time to read those comments from other “boices” who try to put him down and make fun of him, so i totally know how you feel, lately he’s been bashed by other members fans for every little thing he does and it’s really annoying….i’ve NEVER seen a comment from an emotional angel bashing or trying to put down other members, so why in the name of god do they always attack him !? i really don’t get them, Yonghwa always put his effort to promote them all, so why do they do this to him?….he’s even helping promote Juniel because he’s kind like that, he knows he’s being used shamelessly in the process…yet he still does it.

  6. Everything yonghwa do there has somone compline either cnblue fans who isnt yong bias or the “couples ” fans and the lest go on ? Sometime i think isnt there anyone happy for this young man who is doing his best to plz everyone ! So i am gonna be happy for him and proud and enjoy being his and cnblue fans thank you for make me write my thoughts

  7. Hi klaritia, this is my first ever comment here. (Earlier I tweeted, thank you for the tips on posting comment here)

    I found your blog around early this year. Thank you for always sharing about CNBLUE especially YH, I always love CNBLUE fan sharing Moments like the way you did, just giving thought here and there. I’m proud to know great fan like you who spread love about CNBLUE. I know YH is great guy and he always misunderstood.

    For Juniel fans I do feel sorry for them, but it just first teaser, calm down people (^_^) (never heard about save the best for the last?): if FnC purposely showing YH first to gain attention, they succeed on it already. Seem like I figured out what make Juniel fans upset:

    First: The teaser only has YH in it. If CNBLUE featuring any artist and only the artist that featuring only showed in the teaser, I will behave like some Juniel fans too, with disagreement I mean, but it was FNC decision to release that kind of teaser with hope the best come out from it. No comment on that. (As CNBLUE fan yes I do feel happy, I miss them performing together)
    2nd: Many songs don’t have Juniel name on it. Honestly I never listen to any Juniel song; even so I strongly believe and have faith in her talent. The person who win 1st place at one of competition in Japan! And I did read some review who become fan after bought her CD. She is amazing!

    FTISLAND< CNBLUE< JUNIEL good luck! FTISLAND will be forever sunbanem to them, CNBLUE the band who always trying something new and Juniel, very talented singer (won competition at Japan), that show how talented she is. However, In current market, we already got IU and Aliee. It’s tough competition out there especially Korea with their abundant artists. Don’t bother with it BTW, It’s only one of FNC marketing strategies with attention to success their artist, nothing could be wrong with that. Let support them together everyone.

    This one only for sharing only: Yesterday coincidentally I saw some entertainment News, it’s rare to me watching TV but I did and I don’t know why I remember it, maybe for this explanation:~ One of marketing strategy is “sharing fan strategy” I can’t describe it well but I’ll try: to begin with we had two different artists, 1 with huge fan base and another one with small fan base, when this two different level of fan base artist collaborate, the possibility of the artist who had small fan base to gain new fans from another artist is high. So, don’t wonder if one day, some CNBLUE fans become Juniel fan. I don’t mean anything else, it just the way it works in entertainment industry. OK (^__^). I don’t faking it, I’m CNBLUE fan from Malaysia, one of the top singer in my country Siti Nurhaliza (I LOVE HER, she really huge here) soon will Collaborate with famous oversea artist and she talked about this strategy.

    My Overall comment could be why bother with it if we gain something positive from it.

  8. i honestly feel proud when i saw YH in the MV but at the same time my heart aches so much due to some -ve comments and non-stop bashing towards YH. we, mostly YH-fans to be exact, blessed w his hardwork, appreciate his determination, and are DAMN proud of him but to others who isn’t YH fans mostly think YH trying to hog all the attentions and even said he’s being greedy. i really understand juniel’s fans feeling because boice been through this kind of situations many times but i really cant understand certain ‘boice’ being so petty and selfish. **i could rant more and more bout this actly**

    as much as i love YH’s contributions in JUNIEL’s album.. my heart aches so much for him.. T__T

  9. Everyone here is right. Yong Hwa is being used by FNC but at the same time, I do think he’s doing the best he can to get the most out of this experience. It’s unfortunate that his skills aren’t appreciated as they should be but I believe that one day he will be given the proper opportunity to showcase to the world, his true ability.
    I’m from Australia and this time last year, I hadn’t even heard of Cnblue. I saw the K-pop festival in Sydney for Shinee but instantly became mesmerised by Cnblue. And now they’re my source of inspiration and strength to fight for my own dream. Cnblue’s music will reach far places in the years to come.

  10. This is yonghwa being ‘used’ and getting bashed again… *sigh*
    But I’m really proud of him cause he stands tall and works hard despite all the negative comments.

  11. after all the “feeling of missing him terribly” when he finally in his vacation i am so happy and excited to see the teaser of juniel with him. but all this bashing again!!!!!! oh my gosh did you read in allkpop the article of him being the no. 1 singer-songwriter? did you read all the comments there???? i have to stop midway because my heart and head is so hurting terribly. i read somewhere that his songs are no good just like love light and banmal song without the help of WGM, did i just read this right??? that nobody can replace GD in composing. and now the debut song of juniel!!! im a graduate of business mngt. so i fully understand the fnc marketing strategy. sure juniel is newbie thats why they have to use yonghwa as a frontman, so maybe if juniel is now recognized, she will promote on her own someday. yonghwa is just helping her get in the business. in business, they use this kind of strategy just like showing the teaser of avatar movie who is directed by titanic movie because it was a success and etc. sometimes i pity yonghwa for being overexpose and gets bashed for this.

  12. Losers criticize doers Do! As for the idiots at allKPop they do not and never have represented the majority sentiment of fans and music lovers as evidence by ever incresing fan base and sales of their music.
    The criticism is because YongHwa and CnBlue are gaining in popularity and other groups feel threatened. People who have bias and possibly have something to say are silly and should celbrate the success of each member because each and every triumph means that CnBlue are closer and closer to fullfilling their dreams and goals.

    As fans of YongHwa or fans of CnBlue or fans of both 🙂 lets help the boys become the band they have dreamed of being a Grandfather band. They say all the time how much they get along why can’t We squash any conflict and just come together in support of CnBlue? If someone is hating just count them as one person with one opinion. And opinions are everywhere but the truth is that Yonghwa is gorgeous, kind, generous, talented and the Leader of one of the best bands running!
    DOn’t let the haters win.

    • AMEN, u said the right words. Fellow FNC artists are helping out each other and are good friends,why must we,their fans, are at odds with this issue? In fact, this should not be an issue since FNC artists are talented and can be successful in time with hardwork and love for their craft.

      These so called “boice” is/are just too immature and selfish. I’m not Yonghwa bias but I feel for each and every CNBLUE boys and feel hurt when each of them are bashed.Yonghwa is a great and charismatic leader and I believe he can steer the band into greater heights.Yonghwa fighting!!!

  13. Nouastella I just wanted to correct the impression that I feel that Boices are to be at fault. Usually some misunderstanding starts with one or two people and then suddenly people are taking sides and accusing each other. I am a Boice and I know for a fact that they are not selfish but passionate and I really don’t believe that it is Boice who said anything negative. I have been a fan
    for a while and I notice that sometimes other people/ groups come at CNBlue with alot of other agendas and then claim that they are Boice or even that Boices are “attacking” them for no reason and no provocation. If we love the music why fight about a MV or dramas or photo shoots are anything else just keep loving the music.

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