hitched a ride

Warning: 1. Not suitable for Yonghwa haters. 2. My apology to Juniel fans if you frown at any of my following words, totally not my intention to offend.


The boy on vacation. Crossing the country alone, listening to music and singing along as the horizon rolls past. Feeling the breeze, he looks so free.

He stops because he cares, but he has no idea what chaos he’s caused in the universe.

He steals a look, wondering why there’s a knot in his chest. The best thing to do to make it go away: a silly game.

What’s the statistical probability of a girl bumping into a boy who happens to like singing, playing the guitar and even writing songs as much as shes does?

The best way for music talents to fall in love …

♥ ♥

A story popped up in my head already when this teaser pic first appeared. I do love the MV but it’s not as romantic as the one I imagined. I actually wanted to do something about it like the way I did the Heartstrings recaps. Even thought of writing a fanfic based on it. But I’d focus too much on Yonghwa. Seems inappropriate.

Love love love the sweet song, “Fool”. Yonghwa writes the song FOR Juniel, not ON BEHALF of her. Of course there’s his signature. But Juniel can totally showcase her lovely voice singing the refreshing but almost too sweet melody. He’s a shiny star himself but he knows how to “let” others shine too, call me biased.

I see this duet as the teaser track of Juniel’s album a kind of hitching a ride too. Somehow her company thinks she needs this ride. I have no enough background knowledge to make intelligent comments on the necessity.  May I love this song because Yonghwa wrote it and sings it? I just love listening to him sing, with anybody. And this duet is totally good.

My sincere congratulations on Juniel’s Korean debut and I wish her very success.

3 thoughts on “hitched a ride

  1. Allow me to be totally shallow for a while, but WHAT IN THE WORLD did he do to himself to be as SMOKIN’ HOT as that? And this was just with a teeny bit more free time to hit the gym while continuing to compose, arrange and record music, shoot CFs/MVs/magazine spreads, prep for Fan Meet… and goodness knows what other activities he’s had. He is truly one determined young man!

    I love your screen caps as usual… with your thoughtful words to go with it. Your posts remind me of a Little Prince story book: simple yet totally magical.

    Could I ask for a favor? I’m thinking of starting a blog for, what else, but our fav topic. Would you have any spare headers lying around of the band, or YH that you’re not using that I could use? I’ll definitely give you credit… I’m just no where as talented as you are with visuals. No worries if you do not have any… just thought I’d ask since you know I’m a fan of your graphics!

  2. Hi k,

    “He stops because he cares, but he has no idea what chaos he’s caused in the universe”. I love how you described this because it was his caring and helpful attitude toward his junior that got him into all these unnecessary bashing. I feel sad for him but at the same time, proud that I’m a fan of a boy with a beautiful heart.

    Hitching a ride….so well said. Intelligent words indeed.

  3. even me feel bad for not being able to hold back the urge to scream at my screen when i saw him wearing white shirt while playing the guitar. the whole purpose of the mv is for Juniel to showcase her vocal. *sighs*. trust me, i know.

    but WTH@#$%^&*)(*&^%$$%^&$%^(*!@#$%^&@!#$%^&(*&^@#$%^+*&^@#$%*!


    ok. *breaths in*. *breaths out*.

    I, too, love your carefully chosen words, k. way better than mine.


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