more than meets the eye

An idiom as a post title. Kind of lame. But that’s exactly what I mean to say.

Yesterday a fan friend tweeted that Yonghwa’s ranked no. 2 in another random poll. “The idol that you just need to look at to have your soul healed.” Even if he’s ranked number one, I don’t think I’d feel proud or should feel proud.

No matter what, he’s in the entertainment business though most of us fans like him more for his music. Looks are important, and he has plenty. But to me, it’s not the golden ratio I see looking at some still photo or magazine spread that charms. It’s when he turns his head looking at a girl with his smiling eyes (in some MV, in dramas, or in the almost too many variety shows he’s appeared). It’s also the stars in his eyes when he sings a sweet melody on stage. While most of us find him smoking hot lately appearing in the Seoul fan meet and “Fool” MV, I must say it’s not how much macho muscle he’s revealing. There’s something in his system that cries “sexy”, shown when he’s singing and playing the guitar, especially on the live stage, or even in the MV wearing that simple white shirt. I can’t tell since when, but his live performance has totally transformed and evolved. First noticeable to me at GDA (you need to see the fancams, the real deal), then the Asian Tour concerts and of course the LA concert. Hey, he even showed his WILD rocker self on national TV twice. Have enough people seen that fancam? The un-aired “Tattoo” performance which totally captured everybody’s heart at the scene, guys and girls!

And if you’ve read enough interviews, paid attention to the little speeches he gives at times, you should have been charmed even more by his gracious personality. Too many interviews to choose from to give you an example, maybe a recent one (HS official guidebook) that I like. And what he said at the MTV Unplugged recording totally impressed me.

Of course his music talent is the biggest charm. I can’t help wondering how his creative mind works. Seems nothing can stop that constant flow in his head, not crazy schedule, not unjust comments accusing his band a fake, or frustrations of many kinds which aren’t his faults at all. All these songs that he’s composed in these two years, so variable and so colorful! Wish I had better words to describe how magical they are. And he’s so adventurous about concert performance too. So willing to learn from others and so brave to try. Have you read that whole transcript of his talk at “Strong Heart”? How he bought the voice effector for the Seoul concert in last September, inspired when CNBLUE attended the Linkin Park concert as opening guest.

One may not agree with any of the above. But I prefer such things to be the reasons why he’s always the talk of the town. Even if they are otherwise, it’s not his fault at all.

3 thoughts on “more than meets the eye

  1. i always love your post. love how you share your minds and passion. i always smile when i saw you have a new topic 🙂

  2. Many thanks for your lovely post, enjoy reading. The best moment will be when he’s performing live, priceless when seeing him transform into many characters 🙂

  3. i love this blog entry of yours. he’s really “more than meets the eye”. there’s something in the way he look and smile, and when he’s making music with his guitar ah really *melt my heart*. he may not be the most handsome korean guy out there but there is something in him that will definitely catch your attention. the more you watch him perform live on stage with just plain/simple shirt and jeans but full of passion and energy the more you will fall for his charm. when you listen to him during interviews you will feel his sincerity in his every word. he may be playful but when he speaks you will hear a mature Yonghwa. a true hyung for his 3 little brothers. i definitely admire him. 🙂

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