[Trans] STEADY 2012 July CNBLUE

I translated the following from Chinese, which seems to be translated from Korean … and this is a Japanese magazine … so … if you’re desperate enough. 😉 I saw the Jungshin part translation on tumblr but didn’t see the rest. I could have missed them. Anyway …

Jungshin to Jonghyun
Though there’s this side of him appearing as a tough guy (the Chinese term used is “male chauvinist”), he has a very warm heart. He treats us all with heart. He has this stubbornness (obsession?) about music, and he just likes the guitar very much. When Jonghyun hyung is playing the guitar, he’s so alive. Can you please bring me along to workouts? And, ah … his face when asleep looks too awful.

Jonghyun to Jungshin
He lives to the name, happy virus. When he’s around, the atmosphere just turns happy. When we’re hiding in the work place for work, it’s like his power hits at and rebounds from the walls. Even if it’s just some brief moments, there’s happiness just because of him. By the way, he’s a very nice boy. He bought his parents shoes as presents last Father’s Day.

Yonghwa to Minhyuk
Little Bro is super calm. But he never gives up his thoughts on things to suit the circumstances. I wonder if he’s kind of stubborn. He’s been so honest from the very beginning till now, helping us all along. Minhyuk is filming a TV drama now, but he’s totally different from the cool cool playboy in the show. Minhyuk is so conscientious about everything too. As he’s busy lately with the drama, our rooms have been so neglected that things begin to bother me. Can you help a bit?

Minhyuk to Yonghwa
Absolutely cool!!! Whether it’s writing music, acting or even as a producer, he can always do so well. He’s someone worth the respect. With him around, I’ve learned so many things. And, since the first time we met, he’s never stopped looking after us, his little brothers. A great big brother. Let’s continue to work hard together.

Many thanks to CNBluetory @ weibo for Chinese translation. Any mistakes in the above are mine.

2 thoughts on “[Trans] STEADY 2012 July CNBLUE

  1. Thanks for your translations, dear! I’d seen another version, but yours looks more comprehensive… 🙂 I love the YongMin brotherhood – Min Hyuk is always talking about how Yong Hwa takes care of them – I remember back when they’d started out, Min Hyuk talked about how Yong Hwa rubbed his tummy with medication when he wasn’t feeling well… and how Yong Hwa cooked them burgers even though he himself was sick. And I just watched the HS BTS of Yong Hwa holding Min Hyuk’s hand, even intertwining it with his for quite a while… sigh… so cute, these two…

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