Youer than you

Some people say they like the old you more than the new you. But the important thing is, I think you really like yourself being the new you. You look even happier and even more confident. Just saw some awesome airport fan pics of you (big thanks to fans!). Big strides. The white tee. And you even whistled?

6 thoughts on “Youer than you

  1. If he’s happy i’m happy! i personally love the way he looks now, he exudes more confidence and swag, not that he didn’t have it before… i love it 😀

    • Both you and klaritia said it perfectly. As long as Yong Hwa is happy and if this adds to his confidence to take on the world, I’m behind him all the way, because this talented young man needs to do just that – go out and rule the world.

  2. Definitely agree with you. He looks happier nowadays, and I love seeing his happy face like that. He made me love him even more day by day.. ♥

  3. I agree. My main concern is his happiness. If he’s happy, it’s inevitable that I feel the same. He also said that he enjoys exercising as it helps relieve stress ^^ So he’s not only doing it for show, but because he enjoys it.

  4. i also agree, he looks better and happier. i like the new him, healthier, happier, and more manly. although he’s not the type of person who really exercises but because he wants to show a better him for the fans he did that, going to gym to have a better shape/body. sadly some fans are not satisfied with the result.
    btw, i love reading your blog. i can relate and agree to most of your thoughts here. thanks 🙂

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