Celebrate! #Happy24Yonghwa

@CNBLUE_4 Yonghwa, please say thanks to your parents on behalf of us, for giving birth to you and raising you, one of a kind.

I wrote a Yonghwa birthday post #YONGHWAinmyhead already, but am constructing another one. Just because I couldn’t post all the pics I’ve prepared for the trending party. (Twitter hated me last night! *angry*) Words just pop up in my head whenever I do the trending thingy. Cheesy words mostly but intelligent not-too-bad ones at times. So need to get them off my head …

Iridescent musician. Ardent performer. Whether you go to the concerts, watch the live DVDs, see the precious fancams or just stare at some still pictures, be prepared to be fully captivated.

He just loves to interact with fans. He almost manipulates the audience. And the audience just like to be manipulated. (Stole the last two sentences from a friend. *winks*)

Beads of sweat on his face is rare.

Most of the time, it’s screen of sweat on his face, neck, arms … hair dripping wet.

And he loves to interact with his bandmates too.

Haven’t become a fan yet? It’s never too late!

He may not be the greatest actor out there. But he has impressed enough people as an actor. So many magazine interviews out there on “Shinwoo” and “Lee Shin” and “Actor Jung Yonghwa”. Wonder if you’ve seen this set of magazine pics (2010 Apr).

People even say he’s over-exposed. Too many CFs? I don’t even like many of the ad pics. Thick eyeliners don’t suit him but the mascara selling company loves him.

I think the following looks good.

Hmm … this doesn’t look like a birthday celebration post at all …

What I mean to say is, he isn’t the best (yet) at all, but whatever he does, he does great with passion. And I just admire his perseverance. Jung Yong Hwa. An inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate! #Happy24Yonghwa

  1. hi klaritia! Is it ok if I share some of your blogs at my fb account? I really love how you wrote those stories… please… btw my name is Nette.

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