[Eng subbed/DL] 20120707 AGD Yonghwa cut

For those who enjoy the scene as it is.

1280×720 hardsubbed avi download

Thanks to @gogo_x2 for raw video and @heich_ for translation.

Note: There should be “good looking” after Hallyu star.

5 thoughts on “[Eng subbed/DL] 20120707 AGD Yonghwa cut

  1. This 2+ minute clip is chockful of goodness:
    1. Yong Hwa looks so much more natural these days compared to when he first started in YAB. He has progressed so much as an actor and he looked like he was enjoying himself in this cameo. He had so many facial expressions in this short clip, I lost count… but it was truly a delight to just watch him. 🙂
    2. The script! As kay77/ladyoflake said in her livejournal, writer Kim wrote it perfectly when she wrote Yisoo’s lines: That she’s proud of him not because he is popular, but because he works hard.

    Miss “our Yong Hwa”. Thanks for subbing!

  2. Hi klaritia. Thanks to you and heich for translating! Did you upload this on your Youtube? If not, can i upload it? Thanks in advance! – @camille_jyh

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