Music. Story.

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It’s until yesterday that I watched the Chin-subbed version of that You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook episode with Juniel and Yonghwa. I downloaded it a while ago but just forgot it.

I was so impressed with You Hee Yeol’s reply to Juniel’s question. Juniel said she was bothered that some people say her music (you know she composed most of the songs in her Japanese albums) isn’t the kind that will become very popular and asked what she could do about that. You Hee Yeol said, Doing music is telling your own story. Though it’s important that a lot of people like your music, you must like your own music first. It you’re lucky, a lot of people may like your music. Even if it isn’t the case, you shouldn’t force yourself to suit the mass. For in that case, your music isn’t your story anymore. Hearing what he said, I suddenly understood why I like CNBLUE’s music so much. For their music is genuinely telling their story. Some intriguing story.

At the end of Juniel and Yonghwa’s talk part, You Hee Yeol asked Yonghwa to give Juniel some encouraging words. Yonghwa said he’s known Juniel for long since their trainee days. “Juniel’s very talented and I’ve learned much from her actually. If I have to say anything to her at all, I’d say, You’ll definitely succeed. I have few worries but a lot of anticipation.” That’s my exact sentiment about CNBLUE too. Having followed their activities for some time, I have few worries if they will become even more popular and successful as a band. Of course they had never needed my cheering, I must say recently my fandom life is more about anticipation.

PS Had a blast watching the fancams of CNBLUE’s performance at Yeosu EXPO Pop Festival. Don’t you love that tee Yonghwa wore? The bright color and the four words that almost tell his own music story!

One thought on “Music. Story.

  1. Yes u r right why I love cnblue cause their lyrik song is story human Live being, to who’s people can feel it especially #is like I ever read someone twitt, he said >[happy people will listen the song but unhappy people will read the lyrik] <

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