Songs belong to their listeners

As a fan of Yonghwa’s music and lyrics, I felt so spoiled in the past few days. I heard CNBLUE’s “Wake Up” and “My Miracle”, AOA’s “Love is only you” and “Friday”, TGI FRiDAY’s brand song.

I was so surprised reading what “Wake Up” is about even before its release. Actually I’m more impressed than surprised. Isn’t “copying” a word that causes bad feelings to CNBLUE and the fans? The plagiarism scandal. A high frequency comment about their Korean albums – “The title tracks sound too similar.” But Yonghwa is brave enough to write such a song! (I need to give credit to his boss for allowing the release of such a song.) Maybe I read too much into everything. And Yonghwa’s sarcasm is just about creativity in general. The music sounds so new anyway, compared to his other works.

CNBLUE fans have various reactions about Yonghwa’s giving songs to other FnC artists. I must say I care about the songs only, not the artists at all (just not interested, have nothing against them). For “Love is only you”, I like the melody and how Yonghwa challenged himself with another music genre. Though he co-wrote the lyrics with Mr Han, I am pretty sure the English lyrics are his work. Very simple English words. But they tell the happy heart of a young girl in love. Wonder if he’s contributed to some of the Korean lyrics, which sound very cute and lovely (I’ve translated them from Chinese).

I like the lyrics of “Come on” a lot, for the use of various metaphors. Though the lyrics of “My Miracle” don’t excite me, I’m fine with easy-to-understand words. Intelligible lyrics are all that matter to me. I’d rather listen to words that I can understand (pardon me for being both Korean and Japanese illiterate).

A commercial song is too commercial? I’m so glad that it’s even digitally released. It’s such an upbeat, mood lifting song. Had a blast reading the translated lyrics. Don’t you feel like partying listening to it?

PS I cringed typing the post title (Yonghwa will despise me?). It’s “inspired” by something said by John Green, a writer that I like. But I googled for the title I wrote, at least I didn’t see it in the first couple pages of search result.

Edit: Add this computer wallpaper I made the other day (click for 1920×1080 png). Yonghwa, the songwriter.

8 thoughts on “Songs belong to their listeners

  1. I like the title. True enough the songs belongs to the listeners. For me some of his songs i don’t get it but i like the melody do it does not matter to me. As long as it get my attention i will love to listen to it.

  2. Love reading your beautiful thought about the songs lyrics eps Wake up. I was more suprised to read the lyrics of Wake up. I admired YH writing that sort of lyrics and it is a way for him to tell his worries (I think)

  3. Aah, you remind me about the plagiarism scandal.
    I wonder, did he make this song not that far from the scandal appear?? Or did he make it once he got such an idea and remember that scandal??
    Hope there will be such question about this song later on some interview.
    Yup, the message is clear enough. As I thought at first, thru this song, Yong seems wanna keep himself ‘Wake Up’ to always just be himself, though he like or adore some musicians such Bon Jovi who appeared on the lyrics.

  4. I must say I care about the songs only, not the artists at all (just not interested, have nothing against them)……same thought.. and i try to listen Love is only you bcoz of Yonghwa

  5. I agree, i felt so spoiled this few days! i keep replaying Wake Up, Friday and LIOY. I’m particulary impressed with the lyrics he wrote for Wake Up, the first thing that came to my mind was KDH and what he said in strong heart about Bluestrom Seul…and about Friday, the lyrics are just perfect for the song.

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