A star

There is this special star in the big big sky
So pretty and bright, away from which I can’t take my eyes
Clouds and rainstorms do make it look less bright
But I know it keeps emitting light with all its might
People say, Wish upon a star and dreams come true
Hey, it’s the dream of a star, what do I do?
I wish and wish, whispering the song
The star sparkles, singing out loud all along

– Klaritia

8 thoughts on “A star

  1. Beautiful said for the talented star. He’s one of the brightest star that always shine though there always cloud tried to block it.

  2. Beautiful… *touched* especially by this one “Hey, it’s the dream of a star, what do I do?….”
    we could only watch the star shine brighter n brighter… Will it be, brighter than the sun…?

  3. A star always shining because a star has its own light … maybe not as brighter as a sun… but it always shining.. at the right place n right time…like him….

  4. Thank you for reading. Am very thankful for your kind words too!
    People say poetry brings out the worst in a writer, and I don’t even see myself a writer. You have no idea of my struggle pressing “publish”. For I know it sounds totally childish and is not sophisticated enough to match “the star” I (and many others) adore.

    Maybe I should never feel bothered, but I still don’t quite get why people mock/tease him for being popular. For to me, he isn’t popular enough, more importantly, hasn’t been weighed fairly and seriously based on his talents and abilities.

    • I hope I have the same courage as yours.. pressing the publish button. I love to write scribbles.. though I like it, but when I think what would others think about it, I have doubts… oh well..

      and the poem you wrote is really nice. ^^

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