not a genius

Geniuses are made, not born.

In the Pati Act interview, Yonghwa was asked if he considered himself a genius. He said he’s not a genius, just a hard working person.

A fan (Paris) who follows CNBLUE’s activities in Korea closely posted on weibo yesterday that she’s amazed at Yonghwa’s good memory. He doesn’t only remember his own fans well, he remembers the other members’ fans too, to the state of clearer than the other members… “Why can he put so much in his brain?” That post has got 131 re-posts and 26 comments up till now. Some say he’s a good brain, some say he cares much about fans and CNBLUE as a whole, some even say he’s jealous of the other members (?!) …

Do I see Yonghwa a genius? It depends on the definition of “genius”. Anyway, I like Yonghwa not because he’s a genius, but because he’s worked so hard all this time. He surely is brainy but it’s his beautiful mind that I admire.

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PS The quote is actually the title of this article, Geniuses Are Made, Not Born. Need to quote from the article too, “Genius involves figuring out who you are, and owning yourself. It’s about amplifying your best traits and compensating for the rest.”

8 thoughts on “not a genius

  1. To me, he’s 30% genius and 70% hard work (assuming the average person is perhaps 5-10% genius). He definitely has a higher than average mental capacity, but it is really his hard work that has allowed him to realize his potential as fully as he has. Add to that his humility and his super high EQ (or PR skills)… he’s really quite the full package. Oh, and gorgeous to boot….

  2. Hi, it’s me again. Both his beautiful mind and hard working made me to be his fan. I did not use to idolize anyone in the entertainment area. Yes, i like listening the music, watching the movies and mini series, and enjoying others. I even have my favorite singers and actors but they never take my time to search more about them. However, there is an exception for yonghwa. Thanks to my sister who kept singing cnblue’s songs while she stayed with me. I have finished my restrospective study about him, i searched not only the good things but also anything that may make people dislike him. I did this because I was at the denial stage to love him, hehe.. I have watched and read most about him and all English subtitle shows and articles. The more i know about him, the more i felt in love for him. I am amazed with his music, none of his lyrics implies to the bad things instead of motivating to be the better person. I start doing my prospective cohort study about him and the people surrounded. I am going to cheer him up for the unlimited time even the quality and quantity may be different time by time.

    *please let me to comment in every post of your blog from now on even being late..:)
    *would like to let you know how I was holding my self to comment in every single of your post because i have not finished yet study about him. Just don’t want to be the initial appraiser..^^

  3. is he a genius? i don’t know. but what i know, as a fan and observer, is that whether composing music or remembering his fans, Yonghwa use his head together with his heart. and when head and heart go together nothing can stand against it. šŸ™‚

  4. He is cerrtainly talented but more importantly, he is humble and hence he continues to work hard to push and improve himself. He is a very good role model to the young and that is why I love this boy so much!

  5. I was going through several videos of CNBLUE in YT when I came across a video of Yonghwa during the Music Bank in Hongkong press conference. As usual, he was his charming self, he really stood out in that press con, bias aside. He was asked a lot of questions by the press, even more than others more senior than him, and was probably giving witty answers (couldn’t understand) because he’s making the people in the press con laugh. But what stood out to me the most was when after answering a question, he made a gesture to someone from the press I assumed, and said “long time, no see”. So I was thinking, that press person may have covered CNBLUE’s past visits to HK before and Yonghwa recognized him or her, hence the “lomg time, no see” greeting. If I were the reporter, I’d be really surprised and touched. Proves how he values his encounters with different people and the people themselves.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this.
      He does remember the reporters according to some HK/Taiwan/Mainland China magazine interviews I’ve read. It’s more than once the reporters mentioned they were impressed that Yonghwa remembered them. I can’t remember which particular magazines and issues (I actually translated most of them … why I don’t have a brain like Yonghwa’s?)

      Another thing about the HK Music Bank visit I heard via a friend. Her Korean teacher was one of the translators who accompanied the idols the whole trip. He said Yonghwa was super friendly and very willing to talk to the behind-the-scene workers like himself.

      • Wow. So much humility in this young man. He’s very successful at such a young age, and all these he has achieved in such a short time but he doesn’t seem to change. He seems so grounded. You won’t ran out of things to admire and love about him.

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