Did you read that little story of a Korean fan’s friend meeting Yonghwa in London at a coffee place? Many thanks to heich who kindly translated that into English. I felt so happy reading the story that I translated it into Chinese and posted to weibo. My post got re-weibo-ed and commented many times. Maybe you think I am such a fame sucker counting the times “my words” being circulated on the Internet… I just feel good that the reason I was happy reading the story is similar to many fans’ reasons. Two weeks ago, Yonghwa’s middle school classmate posted a heart warming story on DC Gallery JYH and caught all the fans’ attention. Read the English translation by heich if you haven’t. Another Chinese fan translated the story to weibo and many fans commented positively with exclamation points and emoticons. But I have to add that there were actually comments which “don’t go along the main stream”, on both occasions.

Besides Yonghwa’s personality, of course people praise his stage presence, music talent, and how he charms as a star. At the same time, there are people who don’t like him at all in these areas.

Your reasons liking him may or may not be the same as mine. As for your reasons not liking him, I don’t consider them too important or disagree with you totally. Since I began watching Yonghwa, I’ve been totally inspired. But of course you won’t care about me.

Why do people like to talk about Jung Yong Hwa? Just because he is Jung Yong Hwa. Not a reason?

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4 thoughts on “reasons

  1. Hmm, another nice post from you, thanks so much. The best part for me is in the last paragraph. Just because of him or everything he has make people talk about him. The topics may neither favor nor despite.

    Would like to thank Heich for translating both stories. Simple stories make me pleasure.

  2. I love these small bits of information from people on the streets or his childhood friends on YH. They do not need to sing praises of him but they do it because they have truely been touched by the ‘human’ side of him, not the superstar who’s out to do fan service. The recent letter written by JH about him again says so much about this hardworking and humble boy and the respect and love he has earned from his brothers in the band. I just love the relationship the 4 of them have.

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