Shinwoo hyung

A post to commemorate October 7. It’s the third anniversary of Yonghwa’s Korean debut (as an actor).

Think I’ve said and posted enough about Shinwoo in the last three years, maybe not here, but on the Soompi threads, my video channels, my fan friends’ blogs … Though Yonghwa wasn’t the best actor playing Shinwoo, nor Shinwoo the best K drama character out there, Shinwoo was etched in my heart. The simple reason: through Shinwoo, I knew Yonghwa; after Shinwoo, I saw the multifaceted artist grow and evolve.

Does Yonghwa consider playing Shinwoo a rehearsal for his life after CNBLUE’s Korean debut? I can’t help comparing Shinwoo and Yonghwa sometimes … Yonghwa did compared himself to Shinwoo, in an interview (Mnet WideNews broadcast date: 2009.11.12, when he’s still filming YAB). In case you haven’t watched the English subbed version (proudly translated and encoded by me ;)).

Plus, some random Shinwoo pics to celebrate this day.

Prince in white. Wall paper sizes. |1680×1050 | 1280×800 |

The following two pics are 1280×800 pngs. Click for real size versions.

Shinwoo. hyung. forever.

2 thoughts on “Shinwoo hyung

  1. Actually, i knew him not because of shinwoo but from his vp of love n im a loner. Then i knew him from wgm, from then till now im a fan. Yes ita because of his personality, his witt, n all of the package. Thanks oenni, through all of u who work hard to translate everything about them CNBLUE especially about him, i got to know him more… thanks oenni

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