6 thoughts on “Looking at the sky

  1. That frame, and the song you chose, reminded me of these lyrics:

    I stare into the distance
    there is no truth in sight
    who can tell me why

    everybody’s looking for a blue sky
    searching for an answer on a satellite
    I know there’s got to be a blue sky out there to see
    A blue sky waiting for me

    • Dunno. Gotta wait for yongyong to explain the lyrics and MV concept. That’s the only split of sec that he’s happy in the whole video, not counting that smirk. Kind of angry all the way after the “awakening”?
      Don’t mind me, I always think too much. But that sigh was partly positive; he looks very handsome and cool in the PV. Maybe a little too chubby in your eyes? *wink*

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