words that don’t matter

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
― Oscar Wilde
Haven’t posted for quite some time. Not because there’s nothing about Yonghwa to talk about. It’s a good sign actually if you got my blog posts.
Yonghwa’s so bold talking about his writing “Robot”. He speaks his mind with his own music and lyrics. He’s earned more respect from me, again.
I have much fun “seeing” him around more lately. And am super excited about the Yonghwa-composed Korean album title track to be out in January. Hopefully, no more delay or change of plan.
Break time is finally over?
About the post title. I meant to say my words don’t matter anyway. What’s with those people who think they can do Yonghwa any harm “disliking” fans’ praising him? And I won’t stop praising him as long as I still like him from head to toe, left to right, front to back, as well as inside and out. Even with lame words. Bite me.

7 thoughts on “words that don’t matter

  1. and what others say dont matter 🙂 they can say what ever they want, while they continue to live in denial of YongHwa’s awesomeness. you should not restrained yourself from praising him too, coz he deserves all of our praises. ^^ one thing i think they should know is that their acts/words being said/done towards YongHwa in a way affects my love towards their biases. anyway, is that picture you post is your edit? can i have it in larger resolution? want to make it as my wallpaper 😀 would really appreciate it. 🙂 thank you.

  2. I visit your page quite often, seems daily if not so busy.

    Love how you talk a/b Yong Hwa, love to see there’s so many fan of him indeed!

    Nice day, Klaritia:)

  3. I’m a new fan of yong hwa and I really like him a lot lately. I agree with what you say. Hell with what others think as long as I like the guy.

  4. “Just a figure in a big monopoly game
    Struggle is the price you pay
    You get just enough to give it away”

    The struggle he has gone through, effort and dedication he has put forth to get a self-composed song as their title song, proves how strong and serious he is about his music. YongHwa, is just simply amazing.

    klaritia- though we may just be “another voice in the chorus…” our encouraging words are his strength to keep trying, to keep improving, and to reach higher. ^^

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