we hate to talk about it …


I heard you had little talks between recordings at Club Phantom the other day. I want to respond to this Heartstring talk. The younger PD of Heartstrings used to tease you, making jokes with the low ratings. “I told him my fans just hate to talk about this. Am I right?” And then the fans laughed. You, doing thumbs up, proudly added, “But my show is the best overseas!”

I can’t say for everybody but for me, I don’t hate to talk about the ratings. I just don’t think the low ratings are your faults at all. Given the bad things that happened to the show (the original PD “ran away”, scriptwriter changes, just to name two), I dare say the ratings could have been even lower if it’s not because of you. But we fans anticipated the drama so much, when the original PD even said he handpicked you for it, custom-made the script for you … But as you said yourself, you were the lead and you just got to shoulder the responsibility. I was so worried if you’d be depressed. Instead, you wrote three songs during those days. feeling! the fans’ favorite! And you looked happy in those drama BTS videos?

Wonder if you feel bad whenever the TV shows and press releases mention all CNBLUE members are good as actors, they rarely name Heartstrings. But you finally talked about it and the low ratings on national TV. Tonight’s YHY Sketchbook. (Read an online article making it a highlight promoting the program. I’d be mad if the title-track-deal part is cut!) Maybe it’s a relief that you can make witty jokes about that on TV. Your fans are proud of your everything when it comes to Heartstrings, even the low ratings! Please understand we treasure that drama A LOT.

Let me show you some “ratings” too. My blog stats. See that peak? At least one fourth of my blog traffic is due to Heartstrings! My best day, 4000 hits! People came for Lee Shin. And my blog ratings dropped so much after that. But who cares about ratings?

Image 3

PS Club Phantom fan account via Parishin.

8 thoughts on “we hate to talk about it …

  1. Just because he is the main role he was blamed for the low ratings..But I think that the story of the drama is the main problem.. :-X You are right,without him who would still watch that drama?

  2. no matter what people say about it, I think he’s the happiest person when he asks fans “Do You know Heartstrings?” and the fans say ‘YES’. that’s why he asks the Q everytime he’s doing overseas concert kkkk~~~
    PS. You should show the diagram to Yonghwa. Print it on a big paper and send it to him ^^*

  3. I am proud to say, I discovered and became a big fan of Yonghwa because of Heartstrings!! I was so impressed by his singing in the scenes in that drama. I reli appreciate Heartstrings cos without it I don’t think I can ever discover
    such gold treasure as I rarely pay attention to kpop music. Thank you so much Yomghwa and Heartstrings! 😀

  4. I’ve loved CNBLUE because of Yonghwa and I’ve known Yonghwa because of Heartstrings…. who said that the low ratings is his fault? IDON’TTHINKSO!!!

    I’m holding on to watching heartstrings because of Yonghwa… so those accusation is NOT TRUE!!!
    Yonghwa is loved by many…
    low ratings is the result of the bad plot of the drama… not because of the main lead.. 😉

    YONGHWA fighting!!

  5. I love Heartstrings and its OST, and so do many of my friends and family members whom I introduced the show to. I’d like to look at the bigger picture and feel that what’s more important is that the show is popular internationally and that equates to a lot more viewership than just the domestic market. And that is precisely why there are so many international fans who know of CNBlue through Yong Hwa. I hope he find some time to do another drama as I think he’s a good actor and he just needs a good acting project to not waste his talents.

  6. I dun care bot rating. Dun even trust rating anymore. Earlier I dun like YH, but later I raise two tumbs for him. I discribe YH in 3 words namely smart, dilligent, sophisticated.

  7. YH acted very well for his given roles. To me he is one of the better actors and I look forward to his next drama (or movie). Sometimes I wonder what were the roles that he was offered but did not take up.. It is strange to compare the ratings with his members’ dramas unless all were played on the same day & timeslot. In fact, if people thought the members did well in their acting, they need to give him some credit as he shared his experiences & helped them with their practice, etc. Anyway he can be proud of his achievements as an actor …. I think he has little preparation time especially in his roles but he interpreted the roles well. The others actually undergo acting classes before they debut as actors. Each of them put in sincere effort to do a good job. I am not surprised the members coped well with drama and band practices/performances … they had an excellent role model in YH.

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