Live! Live! Live!

Thanks to @goyh0622 for the full HD videos of the music stages from Jan 25 to 27. Therefore the mp3s and screen caps. 🙂

Jan 27 Inkigayo | I’m Sorry 320kbps mp3 |

inki01 inki02 inki03 inki04 inki05 inki06 inki07Jan 26 Music Core | 320 kbps mp3 |

MuCor01 MuCor02 MuCor03 MuCor04 MuCor06 MuCor07 MuCor08 MuCor09 MuCor10 MuCor11

Jan 25 Music Bank | I’m Sorry 320 kbps mp3 |

mubkims01 mubkims02 mubkims03 mubkims04

Kind of a pity that Lalala wasn’t performed all live. Anyway, love Yonghwa’s rap. | mp3 |


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