Inkigayo Yonghwa MC Cuts (Part 1)

I thought I had collected all the Inkigayo HD cuts of Yonghwa as MC since he started in July 2010. Wonder if it’s my messed up memory or there’s something wrong with my hard disk, I can’t find some of the videos. Anyway, as a reader of my blog asked for the MC cuts and I myself absolutely love the videos, I am uploading them as much as I can manage with my collection and file hosting service space. Many thanks to the Yonghwa fans who recorded/cut/found the videos. I got the torrents from DC JYH back then.


100829.SBS.인기가요.f(x).설리.MC Cut.HDTV.1080i-oleojam.ts (870.6 MB)!XYUSSByA!cELEJzZN6qXUKLtppb1E3EKG7g4405bA2IkUmYmpE7c100829.SBS.인기가요.f(x).설리.MC Cut.HDTV.1080i-oleojam.ts_thumbs_[2013.03.25_12.31.33]

[M.C.]100905 인기가요 정용화 MC (1.06 GB)!yEtkTYAC!JrXPbmwYAACsHbX7LHWkxmLz7C5_DBGJ2CrUQBJBHMs

[M.C.]100905 인기가요 정용화 MC Cut.tp_thumbs_[2013.03.25_12.33.58]

100912.Inkigayo.YH.ts (756.3 MB)!XEEm0Kbb!FwHJVzLMYLlTYrcCnrId1CBw-eJw-szobDFjpbLP7oo

101003 인기가요.ts (861.7 MB)!6RdhDbaa!eKcGOVP-U1RB0eovKMFmxROdgghPBcqzGHZcDV80yHc
101003 인기가요.ts_thumbs_[2013.03.25_12.35.50]

101017.인가.ts (766.3 MB)!icNmXLwL!b2YgqTs2tRTl7RJlvNc_zxXEhk82ky5d_KOv-ejQY7g

101024.Inkigayo.YH.ts (946.6 MB)!LBMSXBjC!ba5cE0AI_jbaLtiyxPOmFRIMgFoNvCpptq_XO7gxFiU

101031.Inkigayo.YonghwaMC.cut.ts (1.13 GB)!fFcHECID!PYYFpAxesoKXfy6lAmCBCxfdBtcW-ADE562ZfnE4-qk

5 thoughts on “Inkigayo Yonghwa MC Cuts (Part 1)

  1. thanku very muchh, though i dont understand what the heck they are sayng itz funy cute and out of this world. i love itttt.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for making this available. It’s so difficult to find CNBLUE’s old files… a new fan has no chance!

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