Eyes are windows to . . .


I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.

I must apologize that I’ve used my eyes more than my ears admiring you, for you always stress that your dream is to have your songs top the American Billboard Chart. But I’ve been using my eyes to understand your words and thoughts through various interviews and TV appearances (You know I can’t hear you; I can only read the subs or transcript translations.) Watching you all this time, I found you very special. Fans tend to say your personality charms. But I wonder if they mean you have a lot of character too. I absolutely admire your character. I’ve been told I am wrong to be serious and I have no right to think things like I do. The majority rules?

You say you like your own eyes most. Me too. I mean I like your eyes most AND I like my own eyes most. I see what I want to see? The character I see behind your beautiful eyes … I hope I haven’t been blind. Will I continue to see special? Whether the answer is yes or no, it can only be my fault. Not yours. Not anybody’s. For it’s just my eyes.

3 thoughts on “Eyes are windows to . . .

  1. hello klarita! im ginger from philippines. can i borrow this photo? i will be giving away freebies during the blue moon concert here in manila and i want to use this for photocards. thanks in advance.

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