I wish I could be your little star, just for once

little_hearts_behind_YHThank you for being my bright shining star all this time.

Feel tired if you do. Feel sad if your heart is broken. Pain is a feeling to be felt. I think you did feel tired and sad before. Maybe things have reached a threshold or I just didn’t notice before. I am not sure if I should have shouted “Fighting!”, for you may not want to “fight” at the moment. And I honestly don’t “know” what happened. I want to console you but can’t think of wise words. Maybe you just want some quiet time. I’m sorry I might have been too noisy being your fan.

So when you feel like it, turn around and look at the little blobs of light fighting to shine in the dark. Your little stars are there.

4 thoughts on “I wish I could be your little star, just for once

  1. been waiting for something from you. and wow… short post but heartfelt…reading it while beautiful moon and good night of 10cm are playing… tears in my eyes. thank you and thumbs up.. as for yong hwa, you have said it all klaritia… just hope he gets to read this post.

  2. I really love reading your post for yong hwa… I’ m really sad too because of what happened to him.. Before i do blame him for hurting me as a fan for declining the drama being offered to him… But now i realized it’s not his fault maybe someone want him to do that… I love him more for that… If he’s hurting right now i hope i could do something to make him happy again… I’M SORRY yong hwa… Please don’t be sad..we’re here for you alwayz.. We love you 😉

  3. Thank you!!! You’re words made me cry. I worry about him I think more than I should but I can’t help it anymore. I just want him to be happy and I want to see him succeed but I guess along the way he has to feel the pain and bitterness in life too. I can’t shield him from all the ugliness in life but as his fan I can just support him through good and bad times. As fans we just need to be here for him and stay strong for him and have his back so that when he does look behind him he will see that he was never alone. That all throughout his journey we were right behind him all along cheering him on. ^^

  4. Beautiful as always, it made me cry again, it’s so sad if I remember how happy he was at BMSG..but life must go on, and I believe he know many little stars shining behind him.

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