3 thoughts on “@CNBLUE_4 Happy Birthday, Jung Yong Hwa!

  1. Today I see this again and again with no reason. I wish he could see this special vid, special gift from very special love of very special someone like you. Thanks God for giving me chance to know him. Thanks him for making new me. Thanks him for taking me to you. Thank you for inspiring me by your heart and soul. He and you are my shinning stars guiding me through darkness of my days. I follow you both forever.

      • He’s not special, he’s extraordinary. You may not special, I agree since I do not know you in person. But I’m deeply impressed by the way you love him. It’s freely, willingly and heart full of care. You are not physically close to him but your heart and soul close enough to reflect his inner in every capture you make, every single word you write for/about him time by time. It’s a pure love – the best thing people can dream of in life. That’s why I wish he has chance to visit your blog. He deserves to know how he is loved. Me, I’m so happy just by knowing he and this kind of love do exist.

        (Of course, your wonderful technical skill is also admired)

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