When he’s REAL …

But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.
― Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit

When Yonghwa left a message with the screen name “진짜용용” on the official daum cafe, twitterland and weiboland ran wild (saw the long timelines only, wasn’t around when it happened). Many weibo fans I follow even changed their IDs beginning with “真的” (“real” in Chinese). Yonghwa’s just too cute to handle!

But his calling himself “real” got me thinking. He’s a celebrity and not exactly the “real” people we see in our real life. Having read almost all the stuff I can understand about Yonghwa out there, I found him a very sincere person. The way he interacts with fans, the words he says in interviews, his totally enjoying himself during concerts like he’s partying with fans . . .  all these make me feel he’s kind of “real”.

When he’s real, his skin isn’t that perfect at times.

When he’s real, he has his bad hair days.

When he’s real, he gains weight easily.

When he’s real, he may get sick or feel tired.

When he’s real, there may be times when he can’t hide his frustration and sadness (rare but even once is too heartbreaking).

When he’s real, he may make mistakes, big or small.

When he’s real, he may change.

But up till now, I’m very very fond of Real Yongyong. There are 622 reasons . . .


8 thoughts on “When he’s REAL …

  1. Absolutely agree with ya Klaritia. Everything can change but the truth, the real, the sincerity.So just stay the same and keeping sharing us the real you, YongHwa!

    And thanks for your post, as usual. It made my mood flow, somehow…really touch nah !

  2. Wow! Your article inspires me a lot.Because of the special condition of Chinese mainland, I found this blog just today. But I have known you in weibo. You often share pictures and we really love all of them, but opinions are rarely shared. I just wonder if you mind my translating this into Chinese and shares on the weibo. If you are not willing or worried about this, I wound’ t do so,kkkkkkkk. Very touching article. looking forward to your reply,kkkkk

    • I can read Chinese, but my written Chinese isn’t that good. That’s why.
      Thank you for reading and complimenting. If you do feel like translating it, please feel free. Tell me on weibo when you post it, for I want to “meet” you there too.
      Thanks again for visiting and commenting.

      • Glad to get your reply. Very happy and I will try my best to translate it well. Yong Hwa has suffered too much and I really want to do something for him.I hope through this way, more people can know how good he is and can cherish him as well. Happy to make friends with you both here and in weibo. Very very happy and excited.

  3. Very nice post, thank you. Yes it’s his genuine nature that makes him all the more attractive and the reason why I support him.

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