I hate sad movies

I never like sad movies. There were a few times when I was dragged/convinced to see one, I just cried like a pig. I don’t understand those psychological studies that explain why people like sad movies, saying they actually make people happier. Maybe my brain is not normal.

I’ve said “watching you” is like seeing a movie; I don’t think I’m “victimizing” you to make myself feel good. Although watching how you overcome all sorts of tribulations makes me respect you more and more, it’s not easy for me. I’m so sorry that I even say this out loud, while things must have been so much more difficult for you.

Did you write “Don’t care” and “Monday” in that order? You’ve gotten over “it”?

Back to the subject of movies. I prefer superheroes movies. Somehow they give us hope. You too? You said watching The Avengers gave you inspiration for “Time is over”.

30052“Gonna be okay” . . .


4 thoughts on “I hate sad movies

  1. I think it would make us more mature after suffering .But I don’t willing to see his lost.Hope he always happy T-T

  2. I don’t like to watch sad movies too, read sad end stories, those all make me cry and definitely hate to see him sad, but time heals any wounds, maybe he isn’t get over ‘it’ yet, only he know the truth, but he’s been going through ‘it’ very well.

  3. It’s always sad to watch him suffer, but all the more gratifying and empowering to see him recover and get stronger from that. Loving how this hero develops his complex character over time. Looking forward to laugh and cry with him though it all.

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