The Choice

Finally, Actor Jung Yong Hwa’s comeback this October! KBS’s Choice of Future.

The truth is one cannot be sure of the choices he/she makes. If someone chose this drama instead of a certain one for Yonghwa, I hope the choice was made with positive intentions.

My heart aches every time when I hear him ask, “Do you know Heartstrings?”. So many people consider that drama a failure. So many people bashed his acting too. Funny that I know some of them didn’t even watch the drama.

To me, it doesn’t matter if he can make a name as an actor this time. Jung Yong Hwa can hold his head high, just because he gives all his heart and all his might in whatever he does.


10 thoughts on “The Choice

  1. Don’t worry. i believe this is a better choice. I’m happy that he get to act in a more “serious” drama with senior actors, rather than in an idol drama.

    Yong can be a good actor if he’s given a good role. I’m really looking forward to this one. i just hope the storyline is good.

  2. I also think this is a better project for him then the other one, purely because I think there are less characters in this one which means better chance of character development and for him to stretch his acting skills. I love the fact that he is going to act with LDG which is another actor I love and I think he can learn from as well.

    Bashers of Heartstrings will always be there and I don’t really pay much attention to them since I know for a fact that the drama was very well received by the rest of the world (world vs S. Korea – I think we can all do the sums to know which is more important) and until today, the OST is still ranking high in Japan.

    I believe in the talents and ability of Yong Hwa and as I said before, he will shine in whatever he does because he just has the x-factor, a rare quality that no one else can take away from him, try as they might.

    Now I’m just counting down the days where his drama starts.

    • “I believe in the talents and ability of Yong Hwa and as I said before, he will shine in whatever he does because he just has the x-factor, a rare quality that no one else can take away from him, try as they might.”

      I’m definitely with you. 😡

  3. Dear Karitia,

    Please, don’t think about Heartstrings and his acting skill that way. To me, he does hold his head up, proud of acting in Heartstrings whenever he asks about that film. And me the same, I love Heartstrings just because of his acting. His other talents, nice characteristic and so on I come to know after seeing his fantastic acting skill through Heartstrings. I’m happy to introduce that film to others and so proud that they then fall in love with him. So I don’t mind any negative comment on on his acting in Heartstrings. I trust my feeling. I have every reason to believe in his acting. I do hope you who truly love him always smile and feeling great for his acting and Heartstrings.

    Regarding filming, my concern only if the roll is exited him or not (in other words I wish he is the one can make the choice then he can enjoy it more than just try hard to fulfill the job or prove anything). And I really hate to see him lost in love. This time, the roll of “a VJ and undercover boss as a grandson of the broadcast station’s CEO” seems match with himself. But I am afraid girl in Korea drama not often fall for such talent, rich. handsome, warmed-heart guy 😦 I’m crazy with this thinking.

    Hic, sorry for maundering.

  4. I am happy Yong is finally confirmed to act in drama. I like his acting & I felt he acted his role well enough in both YAB & Heartstrings. To me a good actor is one that brings out the character in his role … Yong did & many actually remember those characters Lee Shin & Shin Woo. I think those nasty comments come out of jealous people … people who envy his popularity after YAB & being leader of a band, people who are angry because their favourite idol/actor didn’t get that kind of fame …. they forgot Yong’s popularity/fame wasn’t given on a plate, he earns it. He works really hard to give his best to the audience/fans plus you can’t hide the X-factor of a star. I hope this new drama will have a strong storyline (unlike Heartstrings has a too simple story line). Frankly I want him in a drama because I wish for him to have lots of fun with fellow actors/actress ( actual fact is they will lots of fun while working with cute, fun & playful Yong), network outside fnc/band & experience other stuff … all this I am sure will inspire him in his song compositions. I am so excited ….Yeah!!!!

  5. Odeio quem fala mal do Yong Hwa. Heartstrings foi meu primeiro Dorama e foi suficiente para eu amar essa pessoinha. E isso tudo foi por causa da atuação dele também. Acho que se ele escolheu fazer este novo Dorama e não The Heirs é por ele sabe o que é melhor para ele. Confio nas escolhas dele e sei que vai se sair muito bem.
    Estou aqui doida que chegue outubro logo.

  6. Heartstrings was a failure in Korea, sadly, but internationally it’s actually a really popular K-Drama. It’s like really huge in Japan, and everyone *does* know Heartstrings, so Yonghwa doesn’t have to worry lol.

  7. hi klaritia,

    late reply but still im posting here 🙂

    just wanted to say that… i know ratings for heartstrings suck and as a big fan of yonghwa i am not blind that he still lacks in acting department but the story behind the scene of how the staff praise yonghwa and shinye on being their strength, that those two keep on cheering the staff despite the trouble of director and writer leaving in the middle of the shooting makes heartstrings very special in my heart.

    have i mention Im a big dooley fan? LOL

  8. Klaritia.. I really love to read your thought about Yong Hwa.. You’re right.. For me, Music and acting, Yong Hwa is great.. In Hearstrings, there’re scene he cry when he lose Gyu Won.., I’m crying with him.. he is great in acting..

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