Park Seju and the camera

If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.
Orson Welles

When Yonghwa was first rumored to appear in the upcoming drama Choice of Future, it was said he’s a young and talented PD. So fans around talked about his interest in video cameras and he was seen pretending to be the director in some Heartstrings BTS stills and footage.

IMG_0013IMG_0012 IMG_0014Then the news articles confirming his appearance in the drama say he’s a VJ. Video jockey as in this?

926c5d2341c9d4dc888b0073a203ce8dSome fans suggested it can mean video journalist . . . Behind the camera? Or both?

Of course we think too much. We’ve waited for more than two years for a Yonghwa drama. Second lead is totally fine. I read someone commented the other day (in Chinese), “The first guy belongs to the first lady; the second guy belongs to the viewers.”

3 thoughts on “Park Seju and the camera

  1. Yes, we have waited for more than 2 years so I am very excited to see him once again. I missed YongHwa the actor so I can’t wait for October to roll in. :))) I love that last quote, I’m happy even if he’s the 2nd lead coz he did belong to the audience when he was Kang ShinWoo & so I’m sure the audience will once again fall in love with him as Park SeJu. 🙂 I know I already am. 🙂

  2. Permission to take some photo, thank’s a lot ^^
    is the second guy belong to yonghwa? Like kang shinwoo? Hmm he’s younger than the female lead YEH,maybe YEH wil pairing with LGD, finaly yonghwa will play in real drama not kidie drama, hopely yonghwa will get much love from audience and have more fans i hope so #sorry bad english

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